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Jan 22, 2006
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By Paul Domowitch

Daily News sports writer Paul Domowitch provides his insights into the 2006 NFL season. Which team got better? Which team got worse? And what about the Eagles? (2005 record in parenthesis)

1. Steelers (11-5)

Even without Jerome Bettis and Antwaan Randle-El, they still have enough horses to make another title run.

2. Colts (14-2)

Can Peyton's Place survive the loss of The Edge's 1,500-plus rushing yards? Probably.

3. Panthers (11-5)

DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams should make a terrific 1-2 running punch.

4. Patriots (10-6)

Reports of the Patriots' demise have been greatly exaggerated.

5. Seahawks (13-3)

Bad things have been known to happen to Super Bowl runners-up.

6. Dolphins (9-7)

Nick Saban's team finished '05 strong, winning its last six games.

7. Ravens (6-10)

Brian Billick's perpetual search for a competent QB finally appears to be over.

8. Jaguars (12-4)

Will be tested early, opening the season against Cowboys, Steelers and Colts.

9. Broncos (13-3)

If Javon Walker's knee is right, this will be a tough offense to stop.

10. Bengals (11-5)

Success hinges on Carson Palmer's knee; if he's OK, they're OK.

11. Cowboys (9-7)

Cowboys own the NFC East pole position with the addition of T.O.

12. Eagles (6-10)

Donovan McNabb is the key to a playoff return for the Birds.

13. Bears (11-5)

They have 22 starters back from division-winner that held opponents to a league-best 202 points.

14. NY Giants (11-5)

Pass defense should be better, but how about Eli?

15. Chiefs (10-6)

If defense doesn't improve, Larry Johnson's rushing heroics won't matter.

16. Falcons (8-8)

It's time for Mike Vick to prove he's more than just a quarterback with great legs.

17. Chargers (9-7)

They need more than seven interceptions from their secondary to make the playoffs.

18. Cardinals (5-11)

If the offensive line can keep Kurt Warner standing, they might actually contend for the playoffs.

19. Redskins (10-6)

Additions of Randle-El and Brandon Lloyd should make Santana Moss even more dangerous.

20. Bucs (11-5)

Spent first two draft picks on much-needed offensive-line help.

21. Vikings (9-7)

Only time will tell whether getting rid of Daunte Culpepper was gutsy or foolish.

22. Saints (3-13)

Exit of QB Aaron Brooks will go a long way in reducing Saints' high turnover count.

23. Rams (6-10)

Spent a lot of money and draft picks renovating their 30th-ranked defense.

24. Browns (6-10)

They're getting better, but might not have much to show for it in the treacherous AFC North.

25. Packers (4-12)

Brett Favre should have pushed for a trade.

26. Bills (5-11)

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better in Buffalo.

27. Lions (5-11)

How many losing seasons is it going to take to convince Bill Ford to fire GM Matt Millen?

28. Texans (2-14)

Building a franchise really shouldn't be this difficult.

29. Titans (4-12)

Billy Volek's not as good as Steve McNair, but he is cheaper.

30. Jets (4-12)

Mike Tannenbaum mismanaged the Jets' cap and got promoted to GM. Makes sense to me.

31. Raiders (4-12)

Too many holes, too little time.

32. 49ers (4-12)

There's no place to go but up for a team that finished dead last in offense and defense.
Raiders 31? :confused:

Well I guess until we do something to change that perception that's's what we get -- no love!

Chiefs 15th ---->
CrossBones said:
Raiders 31? :confused:

Well I guess until we do something to change that perception that's's what we get -- no love!

Chiefs 15th ---->
I don't agree with these ratings at all :mad: None of them....all of the AFC West should be rated higher!! :p
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