Police say deal made to Plummer


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Jan 22, 2006
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Police say deal made to Plummer
By Rocky Mountain News
July 7, 2006

ENGLEWOOD - Englewood police said a plea deal was offered to Jake Plummer in his road-rage case Thursday, but the attorney for the Broncos quarterback said that was news to him.

"They had a pretrial conference today, and there was a plea deal that was offered to his attorney," said investigator John Hoeler, spokesman for Englewood police.

"Jake was not present at the time, so it's something that his attorney would have to discuss with him." Hoeler said he did not know specifics of the offer.

But Harvey Steinberg, Plummer's attorney, told CBS 4 News on Thursday that no plea deal was offered or discussed at the brief conference.

Another pretrial meeting was set for Aug. 3. The quarterback was issued a summons last month for damaging property related to an incident in April.

On April 20, Doug Stone was driving west on East Hampden Avenue and was approaching South Downing Street when he claimed Plummer cut him off. Stone said he honked his horn in response.

Stone claimed that Plummer then got out of his Honda Element, yelled at Stone, and kicked a headlight on Stone's Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Stone said Plummer then backed into Stone's truck, hitting the front license plate frame, and drove off.

Plummer denied he lost his temper and accused Stone of running into his vehicle. He entered a written plea of not guilty June 1.

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