Peterson’s eye on Harrington


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Jan 22, 2006
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Peterson’s eye on Harrington
Chiefs may offer draft pick for Lions’ disappointing QB
The Kansas City Star

ORLANDO, Fla. — In between the routine, housekeeping items this week at the NFL meetings, Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson and his Detroit counterpart, Matt Millen, will have plenty of opportunity to talk about a trade for Lions quarterback Joey Harrington.

The Chiefs appear interested enough that they would give the Lions a choice in the first three rounds of next month’s draft if they can work out details of a new contract with Harrington and his agent.

“We’re doing our homework on him and trying to figure out what happened and why he could be so good in college and not have success in Detroit,” Peterson said. “There are always extenuating circumstances. The supporting cast is a big thing.

“I wouldn’t rule it out at this point.”

Harrington was Detroit’s first-round draft pick in 2002 but rarely played like one. The Lions during the offseason signed veteran quarterbacks Jon Kitna and Josh McCown and indicated they would try to trade Harrington.

The Chiefs are a natural trading partner. They adored Harrington when he was available in the draft and harbored hope he would fall to them with the eighth pick.

The Lions drafted him with the third choice instead, and the Chiefs wound up drafting defensive tackle Ryan Sims.

“I liked Joey Harrington very much coming out of college,” Peterson said. “We had a very, very, very good grade on him.”

The Chiefs also could use a veteran quarterback who could back up starter Trent Green for now and eventually be his replacement. Their longtime backup, Todd Collins, recently signed as a free-agent with Washington.

The Chiefs have Green, the seldom-used Damon Huard, CFL veteran Casey Printers and last year’s seventh-round draft pick, James Kilian, at quarterback.

“In my opinion, we’re not in desperate need of a quarterback,” Peterson said. “I’d like to think (Trent Green), even though he’s going to be (36), has at least a couple of good years left. He’s got four years left on his contract.

“We wanted to retain, if possible, a veteran backup, which we did with Damon Huard.”
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