OK...who is going to win the AFC West?

Who's going to win the AFC West?

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Aug 30, 2005
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Season starts Thursday night!

Now that all the BS is over with the pre-season, who do you think will win the AFC West?

Off their showing last season and their pre-season games I'd have to say the San Diego Charges have to be the odds on favorite. they're looking like last season wasn't a fluke.

Here's how I'd rank 'em:

San Diego
Kansas City

What say you?
Duh. Whatcha think I'm gonna say? :p

I say Broncos, Chargers, Oakland, KC.

And why is this in the KC forum anyway?
I had the Chargers in the beginning of the season.

Chargers have rebounded from a tough start, but the way the Broncos are playing, I gotta give it to Denver.

SD and KC will be fighting for the last playoff spot (Wild Card)
Why is this in the KC forum? And why did it close so soon?
Crow said:
Why is this in the KC forum? And why did it close so soon?
Not sure. Maybe because we need a post in this forum. :p

So what's your take on the subject now that we're 6-7 games into the season?
It's Denver's to lose, sadly enough. But, knowing Plummer, they'll find a way to lose it.
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