Offense shows drive


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Jan 22, 2006
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Offense shows drive
The starters manage to put together one long possession.
The Kansas City Star
HOUSTON | - Herm Edwards wanted ball control from the Chiefs offense. For one glorious drive in the first half of Saturday night’s preseason opener against the Texans, he got it.

After the starting offense failed to generate a first down on its first possession, it went on a rambling 13-play touchdown drive that covered 71 yards and, even more pleasing to the conservative Edwards, chewed more than 7 minutes off the clock.

No play was longer than Dee Brown’s 12-yard touchdown run.

While it’s premature to make judgments on the offense from a few plays in a preseason game, the Chiefs for one night at least had a markedly different offensive look.

New coordinator Mike Solari took no shots down the field, something almost unheard-of during the previous coaching regime. All of Trent Green’s four passes on the drive were short, and he completed every one.

Larry Johnson had the first six carries of the drive.

He was then finished for the night.

Brown replaced him and had not only the touchdown, but was quick to the hole on a 4-yard run that allowed the Chiefs to convert on third down and 2.

“We mixed up the run and the pass,” Green said. “We had some third-down conversions. Eddie (Kennison) made a big catch on third down. Kris Wilson made a big catch to keep the drive going.

“We ran the ball well with Larry, and then when Dee came in, he finished it off with a couple big runs at the end of that drive.”

After the touchdown, Green and the rest of the starting offensive players were pulled from the game.

Green was replaced by Casey Printers, who struggled behind a young offensive line.
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