NON-POLITICAL (No Trump, No Biden, no other politicians) Random Shit Thread

Walmart put the Weber Smokey mountain 18 inch smoker on sale. $300 down from 420 or so. I give blood every 2 months and the place I use gives me gift cards every time. That and my upside app money paid for it!!!

Be here in couple days!
Fuck San Fran fuck the chiefs I’ve got new smoker coming !!!
The child who was shot at the Osteen church was brought there by the shooter. No word yet on who shot the kid. But if he/she was with the nut job, I'd wager on it being a cop's bullet that did it. Fucking wild.

Joel says: β€œGod’s ways are not our ways”… :yikes:
Madame Web is doing terribly in early reviews. 23% rotten tomato score.
I didn't know it was a porn, looks pretty good I'm surprised it's getting shitty reviews

The only reason I had any interest at all. It also goes to show that flat-chested women are just as valid as attractive women.
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