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Feb 2, 2006
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Canadians love an NFL winner

Steelers, Patriots and Eagles lead NFL merchandise sales in Canada

Wed, July 19, 2006

Merchandise and apparel sales from the 2005-06 National Football League (NFL) season indicate that Canadian NFL fans are most likely to support recent Super Bowl participants and teams with rich traditions of winning.

After Pittsburgh, New England and Philadelphia (all recent Super Bowl participants), the most popular NFL teams in Canada based on merchandise sales are the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. The Raiders, Cowboys and Packers are three of the NFL's most storied franchises and also among the most popular internationally.

The Indianapolis Colts and Atlanta Falcons, occupying the 7 and 8 spots on the list, feature two of the game's most popular stars, quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Michael Vick.

The research was compiled by, the official online merchandise retailer for the National Football League (NFL) in Canada.

"NFL merchandise in Canada experienced double-digit percentage growth last season, which was largely driven by two factors," said Adam Ingrao, Manager of Consumer Products for the NFL in Canada. "The first factor is the wildly popular EA Sports Madden NFL video game -- where participants control their favourite NFL team. The second is the passion Canadians show for 'their team'."

Ingrao added that the profile of a Rogers NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber (among the most dedicated NFL fans in Canada) also backs up the view that a passion for particular teams is the driving force behind Canadians' involvement with the NFL. Rogers NFL Sunday Ticket grants access to every NFL game, regardless of territory, each week. More than 70 per cent of Rogers NFL Sunday Ticket customers subscribe in order to follow their favourite team.

Entering the 2006-07 NFL season, official league partner Reebok expects to see some new teams influencing apparel sales in Canada.

"The exciting rookies entering the league might be enough to drive a new team into the top ten," said Craig Ryan, Vice President, On-Field Apparel, Reebok/CCM Canada. "Pre-orders on rookie apparel - particularly for Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Vince Young jerseys -- have been very high. Matt Leinart and Edgerrin James, two new Arizona Cardinals, are creating some real buzz around the Cardinals for the first time in many years."

Ten Most Popular NFL Teams in Canada, 2005-06*

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. New England Patriots

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Oakland Raiders

5. Dallas Cowboys

6. Green Bay Packers

7. Indianapolis Colts

8. Atlanta Falcons

9. Buffalo Bills

10. Miami Dolphins

*Courtesy Based on total reported wholesale sales of NFL merchandise and apparel in Canada throughout the 2005-06 season is the official online merchandise outlet for the NFL in Canada. Purchases through are free from the freight, brokerage and duties associated with purchases made through official NFL sites operating south of the border.

NFL Canada, a division of NFL International, services the marketing, licensing, retail, broadcast, media and developmental requirements of the NFL in Canada. Visit us on the web at
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