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Feb 2, 2006
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Chiefs get Bennett, but not giving up on Holmes

With the future of Priest Holmes still undetermined, the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday night acquired running back Michael Bennett from the New Orleans Saints for an undisclosed draft choice.

The subject of considerable trade talk ever since the Saints chose Reggie Bush in the first round of the draft, Bennett will become the primary backup to starter Larry Johnson. The absence of Holmes, and the possibility that he might be forced to retire because of head and neck injuries sustained last season, left the Chiefs perilously thin at the position.

"This is not an indication that Priest is not coming back," Chiefs president Carl Peterson said Wednesday.

Holmes was placed on the physically unable to perform list before the opening of training camp and will likely remain there for the foreseeable future.

"He's comfortable with that and we're comfortable with that," Peterson said. "We'll continue to monitor his physical well being. I've had conversations with him and he's right now where he is. But the doctors have still not given him a release to have contact."

Several teams inquired about Bennett and, in the past week, the St. Louis Rams -- who will be without Marshall Faulk for all of the 2006 season -- offered the Saints a fourth-round pick in next year's draft. Bennett would have preferred being traded to the Rams, where Scott Linehan, his onetime offensive coordinator with the Minnesota Vikings, is the first-year head coach.

New Orleans officials told Bennett and his agent that they dealt him to Kansas City because they did not want to trade him to an NFC team. Other franchises that expressed an interest in Bennett in the last three months included Miami and Houston.

The Saints could have traded Bennett earlier, but held off until they could assess the recovery of starting tailback Deuce McAllister from 2005 knee surgery and until they got Bush under contract.

A former first-round draft choice and a onetime Pro Bowl performer, Bennett was signed by the Saints as an unrestricted free agent on March 17, at a time when New Orleans was seeking an established back and had no idea Bush would be available at No. 2 in the draft. Bennett signed a two-year, $3 million contract.

Before signing with the Saints, Bennett, 27, played all five previous seasons with the Vikings, who chose him in the first round of the 2001 draft. The former University of Wisconsin star was the draft's 27th overall selection that year, four spots after the Saints chose McAllister.

The speedy Bennett rushed for 1,296 yards and five touchdowns in '02, and became the first player in NFL history to produce runs of 60-plus yards in three straight games that year. Over the ensuing three seasons, however, Bennett totaled only 1,196 yards and five touchdowns. In 16 appearances in 2005, including six starts, he carried 126 times for 473 yards and three touchdowns.

For his career, Bennett has 713 carries for 3,174 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also has 126 receptions for 1,040 yards and five scores. Bennett has appeared in 64 games, starting 49.
I never thought much of Bennett so he couldn't have ended up in a better place! :p

Supposedly, it was a for a fourth round pick and not a conditional pick.
flourth round pick? The Saints robbed KC IMO.
RaiderIVlife said:
Time will tell, but I'd take a 4th for Jerry Porter right NOW !!!
Al wants two #1's for the cancer. :eek:
I've always liked Bennett as a guy off the bench to provide as spark. The guy cannot carry the load, but he can definitely do some damage.

If Johnson goes down, forget it their running game is toast. But coming off the bench for a series while Johnson catches his breath, he'll be trouble.

The only problem I see is that he doesn't provide a change of pace. He's about 3/4ths of Johnson and has a similar style with roughly equivalent speed.

Bottom line, he's a very good backup for them. A healthy Holmes would be much better, but acquiring Bennett says Holmes probably isn't coming back healthy any time soon.

Ask yourself, would you rather have Bennett or Fargas?
Personally, I'd want a 1st rounder and something else for Porter. If you can keep him from spotting and cramping you'd have a legit #1 WR.

Al doesn't want to just give away a potential game-breaker. He's also giving Jerry the opportunity to be a professional and Art the chance to work it out. If Porter goes Midol on us again next year, or needs the heating pad this season, he will get the boot.
Why wold yo say Porter is a legit #1? He's not. He might have the potential to be a one but he's never shown the consistency and now the fire in his belly to do it. Porter thinks he's a #1 but is unable to perform to that lebvel on Sunday.
CrossBones said:
Why wold yo say Porter is a legit #1? He's not. He might have the potential to be a one but he's never shown the consistency and now the fire in his belly to do it. Porter thinks he's a #1 but is unable to perform to that lebvel on Sunday.
Ahem! Uh... AHEM! That's what I said.
If you can keep him from spotting and cramping you <edit> would </edit> have a legit #1 WR.
That's one huge if wouldn't you say?

And further, Porter has often performed as a legit #1 receiver, just NOT for an entire season. Satisfy the if and it's highly probable. Satisfying the if isn't very likely in my opinion.
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