Matt Leinhart is a raider fan


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Jan 2, 2006
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After meeting with coach Shell, and watching film with offensive coordinator Tom Walsh and coach Mac, I met with Mr. Al Davis.

Mr. Davis and I met for 15 or 20 minutes in his office. I've never met him before. I told him that I've been a Raiders' fan for a long time. My brother and dad are also big fans of the Raiders.

Mr. Davis is so highly respected. He coached at USC a while ago. We talked about everything from my career to players he coached. I asked him about his quarterback situation. At USC, I was called "The Snake", which is Kenny Stabler's nickname. Stabler was his quarterback a long time ago, so it was pretty cool. Stabler was a lefty too. Mr. Davis actually said when he was watching film I reminded him of Stabler!

It was a cool experience. Mr. Davis is a legend. He's extremely smart. He's really the guy that started the NFL.
Anyone catch his interview on ESPN? Is this guy flakey or what? I really wonder if this guy is mentally tough enough to hang at this level. Might be why the Saints and Jets both traded for QBs.
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