Lynch to play another season at safety


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Jan 22, 2006
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Lynch to play another season at safety
By Mike Klis
Denver Post Staff Writer

Honolulu - John Lynch was having a drink with an old friend and the next thing he knows, a report mentions the Broncos safety as a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Fox pregame show next season.

"I wondered why everybody's been asking me the last couple days about how much longer I'll play," Lynch said.

Exhale, Broncos fans. Lynch is not going to follow Shannon Sharpe, who two years ago gave up a final season with the Broncos in exchange for his pregame gig with CBS.

"I'm playing," Lynch said.

Here's what happened: Lynch's buddy in this social occasion was Scott Ackerson, who produces Fox's "NFL Sunday" show.

"Ackerson did say, 'Hey, we'd like to have you when all is said and done. How much longer are you going to play?"' Lynch said Friday before the AFC Pro Bowl practice at Aloha Stadium. "I said, 'Scott, I'm feeling good.' That was it. But, hey, that's not such a bad thing to get your name thrown around for something like that."

Lynch will return for his 14th season, third with the Broncos, this year. Deion Sanders has been mentioned as the top candidate to land with Fox.

Late in the AFC passing drills, Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey has run some routes at receiver while Bengals receiver Chad Johnson has taken some plays at cornerback.
AFC coach Mike Shanahan might give those players a chance to play on the other side of the ball during the Pro Bowl, but likely only if the score becomes lopsided.

"I'm always lobbying, that's never going to quit," said Bailey, who has four receptions and two rushes for a combined 100 yards in his NFL career. "It's all about whether he wants to put me in or not. It's not like if he doesn't do it I'm going to be mad, but I love to do it."
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