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Jan 22, 2006
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Jul 30, 2006, 5:13:51 AM by Bob Gretz - FAQ

RIVER FALLS, WI – Hi, this is Beau Derrick and welcome to the blowtorch sports signal of the great Midwest, KRAP-AM. We are broadcasting live from the Chiefs summer home today with Training Camp Talk. The switchboard is jammed with callers, so let’s start with Horatio out in Grain Valley.

OK Beau, this is really bad. The Chiefs losing Willie Roaf is the worst thing that could have happened. Is there any chance that he’ll change his mind? Give me hope Beau. I’ll take your answer off the air.

Thanks for calling Horatio and right now it sounds like Roaf is retired. He’s said he doesn’t think his body can respond to the level it has over his long career. If that’s true and his decision is to walk away, then bless him. If he wants to go out on top, and end his career with another Pro Bowl selection, that’s a great way to go.

But I think there’s about a three-week window here that we must wait through before we really know if this retirement sticks. In 21 days, the Chiefs will be out of River Falls and back to Kansas City. They will have two pre-season games behind them and they will be three weeks closer to the start of the regular season. He will have had time then to talk with some of his teammates and find out about how Herm Edwards runs practices. Be patient Horatio. Things may be different near the end of August.

Let’s move on and talk with Jack, who is on the toll-free line from Springfield. What say you Jack?

Beau quit being a Chiefs apologist. You know that this whole thing scuttles the Chiefs ability to run the football. Larry Johnson isn’t going anywhere this season without Willie Roaf in front of him. This is a disaster for the offense. Tell it like it is.

Well Jack, here are some facts to tell it like it is. Last year, Larry Johnson had one of the greatest nine-game stretches of any runner in pro football history. In three of those games, Willie Roaf did not play (Oakland, at Buffalo and at Houston.) L.J. averaged 150 yards per game, including 211 yards against the Texans.

Now, in the final six games that Roaf started, Johnson averaged 150.1 yards per game.

I’m not trying to tell you that losing Roaf doesn’t hurt. It does. But of all the Pro Bowlers on the Chiefs roster, he can be replaced faster than losing a Johnson, or Trent Green, or Tony Gonzalez. There are ways to compensate if the left tackle is having problems with blocking assignments and personnel. All is not lost.

Let’s go to Gladstone where Jason is calling from the buffet line at the Golden Corral. Put down your fork Jay and talk to us.

Beau, this is all Carl Peterson’s fault. He knew this was going to happen. It’s a conspiracy. He’s responsible for Roaf retiring. I also think he’s the guy behind the fighting over in Lebanon, higher gas prices and the construction that’s tying up all the freeways downtown. King Carl is also the guy, hold on Beau … hey, lady, I wasn’t done with that plate yet. Sorry Beau, I’ve got to go …

Jason, your conspiracy theories are getting a little old. You’ve called here so many times blaming Carl for this, blaming Carl for that. Let me tell you something about the King: he’s a powerful man, but he doesn’t pull nearly as many strings as you may think. You like to claim I’m his mouthpiece, but Jason it’s you who has created the impression he’s all knowing, all seeing, all omniscient. You’ve made him a legend. Are you sure you aren’t on his payroll?

OK, we’ve got time for another caller. Let’s go to Nathan in Olathe.

Hey Beau, first-time caller, long-time listener. All this jabber about Roaf leaving, I know it’s not helpful to the Chiefs, but what are they going to do to replace him. You are up at camp. Who is running with the first team?

Good question Nate. Let’s look to the future. Right now Kyle Turley is running as the first team left tackle through the opening weekend. Turley is long and lean and healthy. The key there is the healthy part. He just needs to get bigger. He’s right around 275 pounds, and he needs another 10, maybe 15 pounds if he’s going to stand up for the entire season. There’s no question Turley can use his veteran savvy and know-how to handle most pass rushers. He just needs to eat well while he’s here and add some good muscle. Remember, Turley has played most of his career at right tackle, but he moved to left tackle and played it quite well in New Orleans when Roaf was traded to the Chiefs before the 2002 season.

Jordan Black and Kevin Sampson have been splitting time at right tackle with the first unit and it’s way to early for any conclusions. Same with Will Svitek; he’s working with the second-team at left tackle.

Right now, it’s a work in progress. That makes it no different than 31 other teams. That’s what training camp is about.

OK, we’ve got to run and make room for our new afternoon show here on all-sports KRAP-AM. Joining us from the MTV network, Beavis and Butthead will take over just after the sports update and they’ll be talking about various sports related subjects they know nothing about. We bring you only the best in sports talk here on K-R-A-P.

And just remember this: if there’s something wrong in your world today, it’s probably Carl Peterson’s fault. Good day America.

The opinions offered in this column do not necessarily reflect those of the Kansas City Chiefs.
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