Lineman, Broncos on road to new pact


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Jan 22, 2006
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Lineman, Broncos on road to new pact
By Lee Rasizer, Rocky Mountain News
February 18, 2006

The Denver Broncos are closing in on a three-year deal with defensive end John Engelberger, whose contract was voided earlier this month based on hitting preset playing-time levels.

Bob Lattinville, Engelberger's agent, submitted his latest counteroffer Friday and indicated the gap was narrowing between the two parties after several days of talks.

"It's pretty close to getting done," he said, adding everything could be wrapped up early next week at the latest. "It's not like we have a great cavern to cross."

Engelberger joined Denver last July in a trade for cornerback Willie Middlebrooks, becoming a part of the team's seven-man rotation on the defensive line.

He played about 30 percent of the Broncos' defensive snaps in 14 appearances, finishing with 24 tackles.

His signing will help offset the loss of defensive end Marco Coleman, who retired after 14 NFL seasons.

Coleman played in 207 games, starting 185, for five teams. He played his final two years with the Broncos, starting 16 games in 2004 and playing in seven contests last season as the team reached the AFC title game.

The club's brain trust also continues to address other issues on the defensive front.

The Broncos submitted a one-year, $460,000 contract tender offer to reserve defensive tackle Demetrin Veal.

Veal's return is assured once he signs the deal because he's an exclusive-rights free agent. Wide receiver Charlie Adams and linebacker Louis Green received similar offers at $385,000 each as players with two accrued seasons.

Negotiations continue between Denver and defensive tackle Gerard Warren, who, along with left tackle Matt Lepsis, is a top priority among the team's pending free agents.

Warren's agent, Joel Segal, characterized recent discussions with the team as "positive dialogue." He'll likely meet with front-office personnel in Indianapolis next week at the annual scouting combine to discuss the matter further.,2777,DRMN_23918_4478034,00.html
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