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Jan 2, 2006
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It’s nearly impossible to speak for the entirety of the Raider Nation, but at this point in the offseason Al Davis has made it fairly easy to do so. Oakland has been virtually silent in free agency and the speculation of a Kerry Collins reunion is becoming more and more likely—naturally fans aren’t pleased. With this in mind, I’ll attempt to speak the mind of every Oakland Raiders fan out there—or at least the majority. Although, unlike the bulk of fans, I’ll refrain from the use of profanity.

Dear Mr. Al Davis,

Where have you been? The Raider train seemed right on track when Kerry Collins was released. Kicking Ted Washington, Denard Walker, and Ron Stone to the curb was also another defendable way to save $8.8 million. Once again, you proved your mastery of the NFL salary cap by quickly releasing these four unworthy veterans. Declining one more season to unproductive safety Derrick Gibson and over-the-hill cornerback Charles Woodson was also highly warranted. In all, you made a $23.6 million bottomless cap hole look like a mere dent in the sidewalk.

But since then, the train has seemingly stopped rolling. In fact, it seems completely derailed. We had thought a giant, Daunte Culpepper, was coming aboard. But he wanted to join the Dolphins and the Dolphins wanted him to join even more. No big deal though, McCown would have been just as good—maybe better. But he left the Bay Area with no offers; and when the Lions baited $6 million in front of him, he bit. So where does that leave us? Jon Kitna is in Detroit with McCown and Drew Brees is in New Orleans. And please, please no Jeff George—even as a triple backup.

Can we have Rich Gannon back? He’s not a very good broadcaster.

For about 24 hours Toniu Fonoti seemed like a good pickup. But all 350 pounds of him failed the ever important physical. So now what’s left? Signing the brother of Zack Crockett, Henri, is a great story to tell, but can’t we already tell that story using the Tuiasosopo brothers? All the studs like LaVar Arrington, John Abraham, and Lawyer Milloy aren’t even being discussed in Oakland. Rob Ryan is certainly a great defensive coach, but you can only ask so much of him and his young crew. Why not bring another on-field coach to the defense?

In 2005, you traded for wide receiver Randy Moss on the first day of free agency and signed running back LaMont Jordan on day two. Why such a drop-off this offseason?

And what are these talks of Kerry Collins coming back to Oakland? The pinnacle of this uneventful offseason was when he hit the road. Last time I checked the mottos “Commitment to Excellence” and “Just Win Baby” still apply to the Oakland Raiders, but with a 7-21 record in Oakland, Collins has been far from “excellent” and surely did not “just win.” The only positive coming from keeping Kerry Collins in a Raiders uniform is that we can easily refer to him as “KFC”—and you have been around long enough to decode exactly what the “F” stands for.

Season tickets went on sale to the general public on Thursday. And if Collins is back with the Raiders for 2006, you better hire some extra employees to dish out refunds. And we’d better get refunds, or you will see first-hand what it means to be a part of the Black Hole.

We love you Mr. Davis. You are the face of this tremendous longstanding franchise. But we are bored and tired of losing. It’s time to cause some commotion this offseason.

Faithfully yours,
The Raider Nation
Can we have Rich Gannon back? He’s not a very good broadcaster.

And even injured, he's better than Kerry, right? :p
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