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Feb 2, 2006
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Lelie traded in three-way deal

Both Ashley Lelie and T.J. Duckett were involved in a trade. However, while some might think Duckett would be headed to Denver as a good fit for their system, the trade did not involve solely each other. The Washington Redskins have acted as a liaison by acquiring Duckett. Ashley Lelie is now an Atlanta Falcon.

The compensation that the Broncos would receive from the Redskins is a bit murky right now. The Atlanta Constitution has reported that it would be a third or fourth round pick. However, the Rocky Mountain News has reported that the Redskins will yield a first AND third rounder if the Broncos finish with a better record than the Redskins. If not, the Broncos would receive a third AND a fourth rounder.

If the RMN is correct, this is a positive shocker, and would mean that this would be the second season in a row that Broncos fans would be rooting against the Redskins.

Stay tuned as the facts become clearer.

EDIT 8:35 PM: The RMN has re-written their article, as you can see by following their link. They have now reported that Denver and Washington would instead flip-flop first round picks in addition to getting a third if the Broncos have a better record. This makes a lot more sense.
Falcons, Broncos deal former No. 1 picks

Jay Glazer

Two players who have long rumored to be heading elsewhere were finally traded Tuesday night.

The Washington Redskins have traded a third-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons for running back T.J. Duckett. The Falcons then turned around and traded a third-round choice to Denver for wide receiver Ashley Lelie.
Lelie has been trying to get out of Denver for the past year as his role was given to newcomer Javon Walker.

Duckett was made expendable as the Falcons had fallen in love with draft pick Jerious Norwood. Duckett gives the Redskins insurance in case Clinton Portis' shoulder injury is serious.

Lelie replenishes the Falcons' receiving corps, which was thinned by a knee injury to Brian Finneran went down in the first week of camp.
Duckett has some years left on his rookie contract too.
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