It was time for Culpepper to go


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Oct 27, 2005
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It's sad that Vikings fans have to see the Vikings lose another star player in Daunte after losing Randy last year. It would have been nice to see both men retire in Purple. It's unfortunate.

It was best that Daunte and the Vikings moved on. It seemed neither Daunte nor Brad Childress was happy or comfortable with each other so it was best that they part ways especially considering how Brad has been bashing Daunte since Daunte was traded. Brad should go get a QB who he feels comfortable working with and he should get the guys that he feel he can win with. I am just sad that things did not work out with the both of em because I felt those two could have succeeded. It just reach to the point that it was not going to work with those two. It also didn't help that Daunte was not happy about the comments that he constantly was getting from Vikings fans especially when they call the flagship station to go rip Daunte after a loss and even in wins. It took a toll on him. Daunte is a very sensitive individual and I just felt that he had enough with the anti-Daunte fans in Minnesota. I mean the guy got death threats for crying out loud. I just felt he wanted to get away and he wanted to start anew. Maybe if the fans ease up on Daunte, maybe none of this would have happened.

Daunte does not come off as an angel though. He had no business asking for an extension when he is in middle of his contract not to mention that he has not recovered from that injury. I can't help but think he made those demands as a way to get out of Minnesota because Daunte is a lot smarter than that. If he wanted out, he should have just said so. I also did not care with his email demand about him wanting to be traded or released via email especially when Minnesotans were mourning over an icon and the best athlete in the Twin Cities. That really ticked me off right there. If you want out, email or talk to the Vikings privately. I just did not think now was the time.

Vikings are going to miss Daunte. I know the Daunte critics especially that village idiot on KQ in Tom Barnard have been waiting for the day that Daunte is gone. Well I hope they are happy. When Brad or any other QB goes through a tough time next season or the year after that, then they will realize how good they had it. Maybe Daunte wasn't Brady or Ben, but it's not like he was Joey Harrington either. The cries of starting Bouman and Gus was ridiculous and dumb. Those two were not going to do any better than Daunte. I have no idea what was the Vikings fans fascination with Bouman and Freotte.

Vikings are going to have to do something at QB for sure. I feel more secure with Aaron Brooks than Brad at QB to be honest with you. Maybe Brad does well this year, but the bottom line is that we need a QB long-term. I have faith that Foley and Childress will find that QB.

I have stood behind Daunte throughout all this. I am dissapointed that he pulled this stunt and I am dissapointed that things did not work out with him and Childress. It's sad this marriage ended. With that said, I wish Daunte the best of luck just like I wish Randy the best of luck.

Life will go on because I have faith in what Zygi Wilf, Fran Foley, and Brad Childress are doing.
Nice post Tice....though I did find it tacky that Childress compared Daunte to TO just the other day.....Hell, how well did he really know the guy? Couldn't have been too well IMO :rolleyes:
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