Is it Morant time?


Maybe this guy!
Aug 30, 2005
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Well to me Johhny Morant has earned some serious PT and maybe even a look with the first team. Hasn't he out played Doug Gabriel so far? Didn't he do it last pre-season too? I like this guy. He's big and physical, seems to get open, catches the ball and just makes plays.

I'd love to see him get some looks with the first unit and see what he brings to the table. With Jerry Porter seemingly still in the diog house (his fake injury notwithstanding) I think it's time to see what JM has!

What do you think?
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I like both Morant and Buchanon. They have the athletic ability, the willingness to learn even minor details, and they have size. Both seem to have great hands. Bring Morant along with the first team, keep Buchanon on the 53 man roster and lets use them before their contracts expire.
Well, all reports from camp are that he still doesn't know the playbook. He was voted most likely to line up in the wrong place for the third year running. Ooops.

Regardless, on the field, he's an excellent player. If they can get him on the right page in the playbook, he'll be killer. I will grant him that he's on the second playbook in as many years, but I do want him on the field fulltime soon. I've been bragging on him for a while now. I watched him in pre-game warmups doing Rice-like workouts and looking as sharp, just taller. He's got the skills. No question in my mind.
I think most of us would like to see Morant get a serious opportunity. It's obvious Porter isn't going anyway, Gabriel is solid and of course we have Randy Moss. I LOVE Ronald Curry, but almost believe that we should IR him this year and try this in 2007. That would allow us to elevate Morant to the 4th WR spot where he would surely get a decent amount of reps.

I'd like see Buchanon make the squad as well. I think Francis is done and Whitted only makes the squad if Curry doesn't IMHO.
Morant waits for his turn
Raiders receiver hopes exhibition success nets playing time in season

By Bill Soliday

NAPA — Johnnie Morant Jr. has a lot going for him.
-Like the 15 catches for 315 yards he had last exhibition season, ranking among the top four receivers in the NFL.

-Like catching a 67-yard pass for Oakland's only touchdown Monday night against Minnesota. Altogether he had five catches for 108 of Oakland's 200 passing yards.

-That, as did his boss, Al Davis, he went to Syracuse University.

-Like he is 6-feet-4, weighs 218 pounds and has a body that resembles that other Raiders receiver, Randy WhatsHisName.

-Like that other guy, he majored in spectacular one-handed catches for the Orangemen before being drafted in Round 5 by Oakland in 2004.

So why hasn't the son of Mr. Morant Sr. (once bodybuilding's Mr. Olympia) been afforded the opportunity to become an NFL star? Why did he virtually disappear last year after that remarkable four-game run?

"Like Casper?" the good-natured Morant said Wednesday, referring to everybody's favorite friendly and invisible ghost.

"I really can't tell because I never got a reason why," Morant said. "Throughout the season it was tough because that first regular-season game I came in expecting I was going to dress and be ready to help the team win. Then it didn't happen."

For roughly 16 weeks it didn't happen. He played in one game and registered zero catches. "It was stressful," he said.

"But I believe things happen for a reason, I am just still trying to figure out why that happened."

Morant harbors no grudges over playing time. Ask him if he thinks coaches failed to be convinced or were down on him for some reason, he'll say no — and he'll say it quickly to stress the point.

"I just felt like if it was my time to play, it was my time," he shrugged.

Of course, Morant hasn't done enough at the pro level to warrant puffing up and getting all haughty over imagined disrespect.

Still, knowing full well that if you can post the kind of August numbers he did last year and still can't get a sniff come September, maybe something new was in order.

So he got skinny. He played at 228 pounds last year. This year, he checked in 10 pounds lighter.

"I feel faster losing all this weight," Morant said. "I got a little quicker, and that is what Coach (Art) Shell wanted us to do. I feel a lot different, like I could run forever.

"I was like a different receiver (in 2005). A stronger receiver but not as quick on my feet as I am now."

Right now, Morant doesn't really know where he stands on the depth chart. He knows the starters are Randy Moss and Doug Gabriel and that Jerry Porter might be there in Gabriel's place if he wasn't hobbling. Then there's Ronald Curry, who is being coaxed along slowly after his third Achilles' tendon tear and hasn't even practiced yet.

"Johnnie is doing pretty good in training camp," Shell said. "He just needs to improve running his routes. These young guys, maybe their alignment might not be right, or maybe they'll run the wrong route based on the (passing) tree.

"But he is doing well, he really is. I was very happy to see him get a catch on Monday night."

In Wednesday's practice, he also made a nice comeback adjustment, driving the coverage deep then coming back on a medium throw over the middle from Aaron Brooks to make a nifty catch in front of defenders.

Consequently, if circumstance makes him fifth in the pecking order, so be it — frustrating though that may be, given what happened last year.

"It was awkward," Morant said. "I played more my rookie year, but my second year was my best year. We needed more people at certain positions. We only dressed four receivers. I guess we needed help in ways other than wideout."

In which case, maybe he chose the wrong direction for his weight program. Perhaps he should have added 10 pounds and transformed himself into a tight end.

"No, no," Morant said with mock indignation. "Down there? I stay away from that. I try not to be touched."

EXTRA POINTS: Shell acknowledged that the timing of quarterbacks and receivers is not what it might normally be since Brooks and the receivers weren't together for all of the off-season program due to scheduling conflicts and Brooks' late signing. "Working with the quarterback is very important during the off-season. They didn't do it much," he said. ... Asked once again about Moss' complaints about being removed from Monday's game, Shell said Fred Biletnikoff and Cliff Branch would get frustrated too because they wanted to play. "They all wanted the ball, and I understand that," Shell said. "That doesn't bother me. That's good. That means he's competitive and wants to do well."
Morant even faster? Nice. He is doing the little things to become good. The route running will come.

I just wish that Adkisson could have played some this season instead of being injured because I think that he and Morant are cut from the same mold.

Buchanon is another one that exhibits all the same qualities.
Morant will be an excellent receiver. No questions.
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Free Angry Pope.


Johnny Moron :pound:

I laugh, knowing damn well I was a Carlos Francis believer. :facepalm:
Is my worst take still the "play terrell pryor anywhere" take? I think it's still a good one. You guys don't always get hyperbole.

You wanted to move him to LB

Who is the Buchanon being mentioned here?

Drawing a blank
Oh yeah...Will Buchanon. The guy who flamed out at USC but still got a chance at the NFL because he's 6-3 and could run a 4.3x 40.
William Buchanon. A fucking USC receiver. Naturally. He of the one catch for nine yards.
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