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Aug 30, 2005
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Chiefs | Holmes new day; same story – career remains on hold
Sun, 9 Jul 2006 07:00:51 -0700

Mike Finger, of the San Antonio Express-News, reports Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes (neck) said Saturday, July 8, "everything is on hold" until doctors decide if his neck can withstand the rigors of a 10th NFL season. Although he appeared to be in good physical shape, he said he hasn't been able to work out and lift weights like he has in previous offseasons. Holmes, who made three Pro Bowls with the Chiefs, is facing the possibility of retirement. From most players, such an admission would spell the all-but-certain end of a career. But from Holmes, the man who battled back from three knee injuries and a gruesome hip displacement, it was just an acknowledgement that he once again has some work to do. Holmes still doesn't see his neck injury as a reason to quit. "I know it sounds funny to say it, but I've had the luxury of being injured before," Holmes said. "Most people don't see that as a luxury. But at least I know what to expect." Holmes said he wants to play another two or three years, but he said the decision on his future ultimately belongs to California spinal Robert Watkins. If the doctor determines taking the field is too big of a risk, Holmes said he won't fight to play.
I would love to see him be cleared to play...I think he'll be an excellent backup to LJ....but if he can't play, I wish only the best for Priest...he's a class act :)
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