Here is the breakdown for the new ticket pricing,


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Jan 2, 2006
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I dunno what the prices looked like before, but most of the seats in the middle seems pretty fair, only if the team makes the tickets easier to come by, from reports of others, it's been like pulling teeth.
The more things change the more they stay the same.

The burning question for me which still remains to be seen is this:

Will the Raiders sell a ticket to the average Joe with cash in hand regardless of the section? What I mean is if there are seats available and a customer wants to buy one will they sell it? They wouldn't in the past and from some of the stuff Angry Pope already posted it seems there are all sorts of conditions before they will sell a ticket...i.e. former PSL holders first...season ticket holders first etc. My experience has always been that even though there were 20k odd unsold tickets you just couldn't buy tickets in a section you wanted ---knowing the section was probably half full. Makes no sense.

Hey, you want to sell empty seats or not?

We'll see. I'm not convinced things will be much different for the general public but then I could be wrong.
crossbones, this is the last yr the psl holders get first dibs on the tickets since they still had several yrs on the psl contract. sale for public goes on sale march 15 but next season the tickets will be for every raider fan. no more psl.
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