Happy Bday to me... :)


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Aug 31, 2005
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The Broncos will either be playing, at home, on the 14th or 15th of January, and then in Indianapolis on the 21st or 22nd...My Birthday is on the 19th...

Therefore, for my birthday this year, I want 2 Broncos wins and tickets to the home one ;)

(Well, technically I want 3 Broncos wins, but we'll get to that when the 2nd win comes into account -- don't want to count any birthday presents before they're giftwrapped, ya know?)

Thanks to the Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs and my nephews new "other favorite" team, the Bills, for this wonderful party of mine :D hehehe
Now now. That's not a Raider fan kink. That's a disgruntled fan's wish for all those who celebrate their team's success.

This year, Raider fans are wishing that to everyone, especially Broncos fans. ;)
Oh pish, I'm not celebrating the team, I'm celebrating my birthday, with a hopeful win or two ;) hehehe
How many are you celebrating? Anniversaries of 29 that is. :D
LOL uhm well I haven't even made it to 29 yet..

I'll be 25...for the first time. :p
Oh and I got my ticket ordered today! :) My mom is sending the money for it as a birthday present...Now I just need cooperation from the NFL to get my birthday wishes! :D
Please accept my belated birthday wish !!!!

Damn, I guess importing that Cleveland Brown offensive line that I mocked all offseason has payed off for your team. I can hear the laughter all the way from Colorado at our Raiders.
No it's an early birthday wish RaiderIVlife..
The Birthday is during the week between our playoff games :)
..and down goes Frasier !!!

Ouch. It's been a FUGLY 3 years for the Raiders:mad:
Yeh it has...but that happens to every team at some point...Don't get too downtrodden about it..

It's not supposed to happen to the Raiders.

"The Raiders don't rebuild, they reload." :rolleyes: Third reloading year I suppose. Stop reloading with blanks. :mad:
In the spirit of Forum unity, I hope you are able to use it.

Go Broncos????? :confused:
Rupert - I can't bring myself to speak those words, but I will be willing to discuss & disect with Bronco fans.

Just call us the Hatfields & McCoys !!!
Able to use it? What do you mean?
I got mine from ticketmaster directly, no scamming from random guys in dark bars or something.
BlueDamsel said:
Able to use it? What do you mean?
I got mine from ticketmaster directly, no scamming from random guys in dark bars or something.
I think Rupert thought you had tickets for the week following! ;)

Now we Raiders fans have a very tough problem. Who should we cheer for -- Denver or NE*? Man, that's almost unfair isn't it?

Denver is 13-3 and nobody is talking about them. Why not? Arguably they have played the most steady football in the whole NFL. That's really not a good thing but it's true.

I'll have to say Denver 20 NE* 17.

Have a great time BD.
RIVL: There wasn't a smilie where bile spewed from every pore while I convulsed uncontrolably. But BD's a good egg so I gave her the best cheer I could muster.
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