Green’s backup packs up


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Jan 22, 2006
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Chiefs now lacking a veteran for second string
Green’s backup packs up
Collins takes two-year deal with Washington
The Kansas City Star

The Chiefs found themselves in the market for a backup quarterback Tuesday after receiving word that Todd Collins signed a two-year contract with Washington worth about $2.5 million.

The Chiefs have newly signed CFL veteran Casey Printers and young James Kilian under contract behind starting quarterback Trent Green. Damon Huard, the third-string quarterback the last two seasons, is an unrestricted free agent.

“We’ve got to get Huard to sign,” coach Herm Edwards said. “We’ll probably have to bring another guy in because you don’t have enough arms right now.”

The Chiefs might be taking a big risk if Huard is their top reserve. Green hasn’t missed a game since joining the Chiefs five years ago, but his remarkable durability has to end sometime, and he turns 36 this summer.

Huard, whose first NFL season was in 1997 with Miami, hasn’t played in a game during his two Chiefs seasons and has thrown one regular-season pass since 2000.

“Right now, yeah, absolutely,” Edwards said when asked whether he was comfortable with Huard as his No. 2 quarterback. “He knows the system better than anybody else. No matter who you bring in, he’s going to be far ahead of anybody.”

Collins rejoins Al Saunders, who left the Chiefs after the 2005 season to become Washington’s offensive coordinator. Collins will be the top reserve behind Mark Brunell.

“Mark Brunell has a history of missing games, unlike Trent Green,” said Collins’ agent, Brad Blank.

Blank indicated that the Chiefs never made clear they wanted to re-sign Collins and that the veteran quarterback couldn’t afford to wait for them to decide.

“As much as you have ties to a place, it’s a business,” Blank said. “It’s so cutthroat, you have to take something before it blows up and you have nothing.”

Thank God for good news!! Now if they'd only release Huard!! :p
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