Glen Mason deserves better from the University of Minnesota


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Oct 27, 2005
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With the way things are going, Glen Mason will be done if he does not agree to a new contract whch expires tommorow. I am not very happy about this. In fact, I am very angry. I am convinced now that he will be gone and that he will likely not coach the Gophers next year. That angers me to no end. Now we may lose lot more recruits because of the unstability of the coaching situation. How the hell we are going to lose a good thing is beyond me? I don't even think Mase is even asking for much. I always got that impression that Gophers AD Joel Maturi and Gophers president Robert Rubiniks are not a big fan of Mason and it started when Mason rejected an extension couple of years ago I think. That's when it started to get ugly.

Look Mason is not an elite college football head coach, but he is still pretty darn good. I think he has done a better job with recruiting and I think he has done a better job of making this program as legit as they can. I believe in him. I think he can lead us to the promise land. He is getting there. With the new stadium about to be approved, things will get better I like to see Mason there when the new stadium is opened and I like to see us finally get to the Rose Bowl under Mason. The Gophers are not far off. Why ruin a good thing?

Now you say the Gophers could go hire Bo Pellini, George O'Leary, or Mike Price. Newsflash! They are going to want more than what Mason has demanded. If anything, Mason's contract will be much reasonable compare to what those guys want. You know the Gophers are not going to pay those guys if they are not going to pay Mason. They are likely going to hire an assistant coach from Mason's staff to be the head coach. I am all for hiring David Lockwood, the defensive coordinator who did a great job with the defensive unit this year, but this is just his first year at that role. I like to see him get more time in that role and then eased his way to the head coaching role. I don't want to rush Lockwood just yet.

I really just wonder how serious the Gophers are in ever being a big-time college football program when it comes to that. If you read today's Strib, Sid really hit the nail in the head of what has gone on with the way the Gophers have handled Mason.

It's just business as usual for the Gophers and I don't mean it as a compliment. It's stuff like this is why the Gophers never go to the Rose Bowl.

And no wiseguys, I don't want Mike Tice coaching the Gophers either.
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It's an Enigma

Tice: Now you put yourself in the dilemma your AD and school president are in: Mason is not an elite college coach, if they want to be elite they need to upgrade, if they do or don't want to be elite they shouldn't keep Mason, if they keep him they won't be elite, if they keep him they'll pay more than they want for a non-elite program.

So the question you'll be able to answer after they ink a coach is how serious they are about competing at a higher level. For all I know, they aren't serious, and that's why Mason has rejected the extension and wants to move on. It might very well be time he determine whether he has what it takes to step it up. If the athletic department isn't giving him the resources he thinks he needs, why stay? If they are giving him the resources and are not getting the results, why keep him?
TMG - Frankly, I don't know anything about Minn. Golden Gopher football, but I really do appreciate the insight. We're so Raiders heavy around here, it's nice to hear about something else.

BTW - Mike Tice, do you really think he's a gonner this time?

I could see Al Davis hiring Mike Tice BTW.
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