Fuck! We Hired Getsy Thread

Fuck Michael Lombardi.

He has never stood on his own and achieved a damned thing.

If Al Davis were alive we'd be thinking about that overhead projector coming out and explaining why he was fired. and why he was never brought back.

Does AP know the Raider way because he is from Compton? Not necessarily. Yet, when the former players were in the locker room, they seemed to think AP understood the Raider way. AP has said there are coaches and players who are Raiders -- most of them will not be -- and that includes the draft where there are fewer than ten players who will be Raiders.

Hate on the Raiders all you want, talk about dysfunction, bad drafts -- all true. But this is just showing he's pissed about his sons being fired.
Ironically the Raider way is doing it your own way and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks.

Fired both of his sons who were awful at their jobs. So I can imagine the amount of questionable statements this bitch will have all year.

In September 2017, Mike Lombardi made headlines by criticizing Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson: "He might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone I’ve ever seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL." Pederson would lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl championship later that season.
And sure enough.

Damn, Lombardi is jumping the shark on this one.

Is he gunning for Skip Bayless's job as the eminent professional blowhard?

Apart from the very clear ax to grind over his son's firing, what reason would Lombardi have to continue to go after AP?

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I mean, I’ve never actually seen the Raider way work but there are legends.
I've seen it work. I hope to live long enough to see it work again, even in the "modern" NFL.