Favre will return to Packers


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Jan 22, 2006
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Favre will return to Packers

MILWAUKEE - Brett Favre called on the Green Bay Packers to give him a reason to return, a big-time free-agent signing that would make a "statement" about the team's immediate future.

The Packers didn't - and Favre apparently decided to come back anyway.

ESPN.com reported Tuesday night that Favre has told the Packers he will return to play this year.

The report, citing anonymous team and league sources, said Favre informed Packers general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy of his decision in a telephone conversation Tuesday morning.

Calls by The Associated Press to Thompson, McCarthy, team president Bob Harlan and Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, weren't immediately returned.

Team spokesman Jeff Blumb referred all calls to Thompson.

Worries about Favre's future have become an annual rite of winter for Packers fans, as the quarterback has contemplated retirement during the past several offseasons - only to return each time.

This year apparently was no different.

In his most recent comments on retirement, made April 10 at his annual charity golf tournament, Favre said he wondered whether the team had improved enough in the offseason to justify coming back.

"I'd like to say I think we are better, but I don't know if we are," he said.

Favre said the team needed to make a "statement" similar to the signing of Reggie White in 1993.

But Favre, the NFL's only three-time MVP (1995-97), also said football is "in my blood."

As the Packers' season slid toward a 4-12 finish - the team's only losing season under Favre - the three-time NFL MVP said repeatedly that he wasn't sure if he would come back to play a 16th season.

The 36-year-old Favre, who threw a career-high 29 interceptions last season while playing for a team depleted by injuries and free-agency losses, said he wasn't sure he wanted to be part of what he saw as a possible long-term rebuilding effort.

He also claimed he wasn't sure if the team wanted him and his hefty salary to be a part of that effort. He hinted that the team's moves in free agency would play a role in his decision to come back. Favre also questioned his own motivation to continue playing.

Favre ranks second behind Dan Marino on the NFL's career list in touchdown passes (396), yards passing (53,615) and completions (4,678) and hold the records for most consecutive starts by a quarterback with 221 (241, including the playoffs).

Favre has led the Packers to six division crowns and a Super Bowl title, restoring success to one of the NFL's most famous franchises.

The Packers fired coach Mike Sherman after the final game of the season and replaced him with McCarthy, who was Favre's quarterbacks coach in Green Bay during the 1999 season. They also re-signed running back Ahman Green, who missed most of last season because of a knee injury.

But Favre continued to waffle in the offseason as the Packers struck out on high-profile free agents.

Sticking to Thompson's stated philosophy of not splurging for the sake of splurging in the free-agent market, the Packers lost veteran kicker Ryan Longwell to the division rival Minnesota Vikings and lost out in the bidding for a potential replacement, free agent kicker Adam Vinatieri, who signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

Linebacker LaVar Arrington spurned an offer from the Packers to sign with the New York Giants. The team continues to wait for an answer from defensive back Charles Woodson.

The Packers' two most high-profile free-agent signings have been former St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Ryan Pickett and former Seattle Seahawks safety Marquand Manuel. The team also has re-signed fullback William Henderson and wide receiver Rod Gardener.
Annonymous secretary: "Green Bay Packers."

Favre: "His this is Brett, is the boss in?"

"Britt who?"

"Brett. As in Brett Favre."

"Britt Farv... Could you spell that?"
Well, at least he decided. About freaking time. I hope no-one pays much attention to it.

I care as much as him coming back as I care about Kobe changing his number.
Jeez....is everyone tired around here? Lots of yawning going on!! ;)
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