Favre is a shell of himself


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Oct 27, 2005
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I hope this guy would retire right after this season. This year has been an embrassment for him. He clearly has lost it with those INTs and all. It's a sad story IMO. As much as I hate the Packers, I respected Brett's will to win and his attitude to play the game. He still has that, but he is just not very good anymore. Clearly he would not have that many picks in his heyday. I would love to get a good laugh of his struggles, but I don't think it's funny when a guy is washed up. I hope he can finish the season strong and then retire.
He's been living off his legacy ever since Holmgren left. He's past due to be put out to pasture.
Well Holmgren hasn't done much either since leaving Brett.
I pity Brett...
Seriously, the man should have hung it up after last season, especially with all the tragedies he's faced lately, plus the beatings his body has taken.

When I watched him on that MNF game a few weeks ago, it was just...sad. The look on his face at the end of it said many many things.

The fact that he won on his birthday? Well, I think that was just the 'football gods' humoring him...
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