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Feb 2, 2006
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Happy Father's Day!

June 17, 2006

The NFL has included many father/son combinations throughout its history and the Raiders are no exception. Currently, thee sons of former NFL players can be found on the Raiders roster - rookie LB Thomas Howard, QB Marques Tuiasosopo and DE Grant Irons.

New to this group is linebacker THOMAS HOWARD, JR., the Raiders second-round selection (38th overall) in the 2006 NFL Draft out of Texas-El Paso. Howard has a tireless work ethic that he attributes to his father, THOMAS, SR., a nine-year linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs (1977-1983) and St. Louis Cardinals (1984-85).

"He instilled in me an ability to work hard, and told me not to get caught up in anything else," says Thomas, Jr. "He used to say, Don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.' I'll pass that on to my family and my daughter and son."

The fact that Thomas has taken his father's life lesson to heart has Pop swelling with pride.

"He understands that he does have a gift, and that he's willing to take advantage of it, and I like that," Thomas, Sr. says. "He always has a smile on his face, and he enjoys his work. That's good."

In honor of Father's Day, we have compiled a list of NFL players whose fathers or sons have worn the Silver and Black over the years. Happy Father's Day Raider Nation!

OG Sam Adams, Sr. - 1972-80 New England Patriots
DT Sam Adams, Jr. - 2002 Oakland Raiders

TE Billy Cannon - 1964-1969 - Oakland Raiders
LB Billy Cannon - 1984 Dallas Cowboys

DE Tony Cline - 1970-1975 Oakland Raiders
TE Tony Cline - 1998 Oakland Raiders

DE Vince Dennery - 1941 New York Giants
LB Mike Dennery - 1974-1975 Oakland Raiders

RB Tony Dorsett - 1977-87 Dallas Cowboys, 1988 Denver Broncos
FS Anthony Dorsett - 2000-2003 Oakland Raiders

DT Alphonse Dotson - 1968-70 Oakland Raiders
DE Santana Dotson - 1992-95 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1996-01 Green Bay Packers, 2002 Washington Redskins

DB Dave Grayson - 1965-70 Oakland Raiders
LB David Grayson - 1987-90 Cleveland Browns, 1991 San Diego Chargers

T Herb Hannah - 1951 New York Giants
G John Hannah - 1973-85 New England Patriots
T Charley Hannah - 1983-88 Los Angeles Raiders

DB Richard Harvey - 1970 Philadelphia Eagles, 1971 New Orleans Saints
LB Richard Harvey - 1990-91 New England Patriots, 1992-93 Buffalo Bills, 1994 Denver Broncos, 1995-98 New Orleans Saints, 1999 Oakland Raiders

TE Don Hasselbeck - 1983 Los Angeles Raiders
QB Matt Hasselbeck - 1998-2000 Green Bay Packers, 2001-present Seattle Seahawks
QB Tim Hasselbeck - 2002 Philadelphia Eagles, 2003-04 Washington Redskins, 2005 New York Giants

LB Thomas Howard, Jr. - 2006 Oakland Raiders
LB Thomas Howard, Sr. - 1977-1983 Kansas City Chiefs, 1984-85 St. Louis Cardinals

LB Gerald Irons - 1970-75 Oakland Raiders
DE Grant Irons - 2003-present Oakland Raiders

G Gordon Jolley 1972-75 Detroit Lions, 1976-77 Seattle Seahawks
TE Doug Jolley 2002-04 Oakland Raiders

DB Joe Krakoski - 1963-66 Oakland Raiders
LB Joe Krakoski - 1986 Washington Redskins

DB Ronnie Lott - 1991-92 Los Angeles Raiders
LB Ryan Nece - 2002-present Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LB Marv Marinovich - 1965 Oakland Raiders
QB Todd Marinovich - 1991-92 Los Angeles Raiders

CB Kent McCloughan - 1965-70 Oakland Raiders
DB Dave McCloughan - 1991 Indianapolis Colts, 1992 Green Bay Packers, 1993 Seattle Seahawks

RB Charlie Smith - 1968-74 Oakland Raiders
TE Kevin Smith - 1992-95 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders

DT Manu Tuiasosopo - 1979-83 Seattle, 1984-86 San Francisco
QB Marques Tuiasosopo - 2001-present Oakland Raiders

LB Ted Washington - 1973-82 Houston Oilers
DT Ted Washington - 2004-05 Oakland Raiders

DB Howie Williams - 1964-69 Oakland Raiders
DB Gardner - 1984 Detroit Lions

CB Alvin Wyatt - 1970 Oakland Raiders
WR Antwuan Wyatt - 1997 Philadelphia Eagles
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads on the site!! Hope you stay safe and have a great day!! :)
Happy Father's Day to the daddys. Hope it is good day for all of you.
happy fathers day to all the non-deadbeats. you know who you are.
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