Elway feels for Plummer but likes Denver's moves


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Jan 22, 2006
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Elway feels for Plummer but likes Denver's moves
By Associated Press
May 10, 2006

John Elway was nine years into his career when the Denver Broncos sent him for a loop on draft day. They picked a quarterback in the first round. Fast forward to 2006 and the picture in Denver is somewhat similar.

Of course, nine-year veteran Jake Plummer isn't John Elway. And Denver's newest quarterback, Jay Cutler, doesn't draw any comparisons to Tommy Maddox. Still, Elway said he could relate to the mixed emotions Plummer might have felt when Denver's latest draft-day surprise went down.

"It could turn you a little bit sideways, especially when you're that close to the Super Bowl," Elway said Tuesday. "But I think they addressed more than that issue. Getting Javon Walker in the second round, they get the receiver they needed, plus they draft for the future. Overall, it's a very good draft."

When the Broncos selected Maddox in 1992, it was fairly obvious they needed a receiver. The popular choice at the time was Carl Pickens of Tennessee. Dan Reeves wound up choosing Maddox instead.

"A lot of times, players look at it differently than the organization would look at it," Elway said. "At the point when we drafted Tommy Maddox, we were in great need of a wide receiver. My view was different than what the Broncos thought at the time. They thought it was the right move for them."

Elway says he knows Plummer well enough to figure he'll react well to the situation.

"It's nice for Jake," Elway said. "They're in the perfect situation: They've proven they can win with Jake and they've started looking to the future. When Cutler gets to the point where he can compete for the job, I'm sure Jake, knowing the way Jake handles things, he'll take it as a challenge and perform."

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