Edwards believes Roaf, Shields, Holmes will return in 2006


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Aug 31, 2005
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If coach Herman Edwards is right, the Kansas City Chiefs can expect to have veterans Willie Roaf, Will Shields and Priest Holmes for at least another season.

Edwards on Friday said he anticipates all three returning in 2006 -- though he conceded he could be wrong about Holmes, the team's star running back whose single-season touchdown record was eclipsed this season by Seattle's Shaun Alexander.

Holmes, who bowed out with a neck injury after he was injured in an Oct. 30 loss to San Diego, was expected to undergo neurological tests before making a decision.

"I have a funny feeling he'll be back," said Edwards, who said he had spoken to Holmes. "I think he has something to prove. I don't think he wants to end his career like that (with an injury). I have a feeling he's coming back, but that's just me. I could be wrong."

If Holmes returns he is expected to back up Larry Johnson, who finished the 2005 season with nine straight 100-yard games and was the NFL's third-leading rusher, behind Alexander and the New York Giants' Tiki Barber.

Holmes is one of several veterans whose futures are uncertain, but Edwards said he does not anticipate any surprise defections. That includes Shields, an 11-time Pro Bowl choice considering retirement after the Chiefs closed the 2005 regular season.

Now it appears Shields might return. In fact, Edwards -- who spoke to Shields recently -- said he's counting on him in 2006.

"I know it's year-to-year for him," Edwards said of the veteran guard, "but I do think he's coming back. He was here when I first started (in Kansas City) so he knows what kind of coach I am. He and others know this is a good team -- one that didn't make the playoffs but that was close. And that's something we have to get over.

"We have a window of opportunity, and our defense is vastly improved. But a sound offense has to help the defense, too."

The Chiefs led the league in offense last year but were handicapped for much of the season by an offensive line crippled by injuries and a suspension to John Welbourn. Roaf missed six starts last season, with the Chiefs losing three of them.

They were 7-3 when he was in the lineup.

"I think he'll be there, too," said Edwards, who hasn't spoken to Roaf but said he plans to. "From what I understand from other people he will be back."

Roaf this week decided he would not play in the Feb. 12 Pro Bowl and was replaced by Indianapolis Colts tackle Tarik Glenn.

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Well this isn't the best news for AFC West opponents.

Willie Roaf is the truth!
I'm sure Roaf will be back....not sure about Shields....but Priest....depends on whether he's willing to be Larry Johnson's backup or not. :p
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