Eagles owner cool on Porter


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Jan 22, 2006
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Eagles owner cool on Porter
- David White
Sunday, August 6, 2006

Scratch the Philadelphia Eagles off the list of teams interested in Jerry Porter.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie all but ruled out trading for Porter, the Raiders receiver with an offseason feud with coach Art Shell and a request to be traded.

He said prospective players must pass a "character test" in light of last year's soap opera with Terrell Owens.

"I don't want to focus on individual guys because I can't describe their personalities," Lurie said. "But, yes, in terms of bringing in guys, either they're going to be a great team player or they're not. We have to make that judgment. It's always been, except for one exception, been a very strong priority with (coach) Andy Reid."

The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons have been mentioned as teams interested in Porter.

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