Draft History under Art Shell


Dark Age of RN
Jan 14, 2006
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1 Rob Fredrickson, LB, Michigan St.
2 James Folston, DE, NE Louisiana
3 Calvin Jones, RB, Nebraska
4 Austin Robbins, DT, North Carolina
5 Roosevelt Patterson, G, Alabama
7 Rob Holmberg, LB, Penn State

1 Patrick Bates, S, Texas A&M
3A Billy Joe Hobert, QB, Washington
3B James Trapp, CB, Clemson
5 Olanda Truitt, WR, Mississippi S.
7 Greg Biekert, LB, Colorado
8 Greg Robinson, RB, NE Louisiana

1 Chester McGlockton, DT, Clemson
2 Greg Skrepenak, T, Michigan
5 Derrick Hoskins, S, So. Mississippi
6 Tony Rowell, C, Florida
7A Curtis Cotton, S, Nebraska
7B Kevin Smith, RB, UCLA
10 Alberto White, LB, Texas Southern
12 Tom Roth, G, Southern Illinois

1 Todd Marinovich, QB, USC
2 Nick Bell, RB, Iowa
4 Raghib Ismail, WR, Notre Dame
6 Nolan Harrison, DT, Indiana
8A Brian Jones, LB, Texas
8B Todd Woulard, LB, Alabama A&M
9 Tahaun Lewis, CB, Nebraska
10 Andrew Glover, TE , Grambling
12 Dennis Johnson, CB, Winston-Salem

1 Anthony Smith, DE, Arizona
2 Aaron Wallace, LB, Texas A&M
4 Torin Dorn, CB, North Carolina
6 Marcus Wilson, RB, Virginia
7 Garry Lewis, CB, Alcorn State
8 A.J. Jimerson, LB, Norfolk State
9 Leon Perry, RB, Oklahoma
11A Ron Lewis, WR, Jackson State
11B Myron Jones, RB, Fresno State
12A Major Harris , QB ,West Virginia
12B Demetruis Davis, TE, Nevada-Reno

2 Steve Wisniewski, G, Penn State
6A Jeff Francis, QB, Tennessee
6B Doug Lloyd, RB, North Dakota St.
8 Derrick Gainer, RB, Florida A&M
9 Gary Gooden, WR, Indiana
10 Charles Jackson, DT, Jackson St.

1A Tim Brown, WR, Notre Dame
1B Terry McDaniel, CB, Tennessee
1C Scott Davis, DE, Illinois
4 Tim Rother, DT, Nebraska
5 Dennis Price, CB, UCLA
6 Erwin Grabisna, LB, Case W. Reserve
7 Derrick Crudup, DB, Oklahoma
8 Mike Alexander, WR, Penn State
9A Reggie Ware, RB, Auburn
9B Scott Tabor, P, California
10 Newt Harrell, G, West Texas State
11 David Weber, QB, Carroll College
12 Greg Kunkel, G, Kentucky

1 John Clay, T, Missouri
2 Bruce Wilkerson, T, Tennessee
3 Steve Smith, RB, Penn State
4 Steve Beuerlein , QB, Notre Dame
7 Bo Jackson, RB, Auburn
9 Scott Eccles, TE, E. New Mexico
10A Rob Harrison, RB, Sacramento St.
10B John Gesek, G, SacramentoSt.
10C Jim Ellis, LB, Boise State
11A Chris McLemore, RB, Arizona
11B Mario Perry, TE, Mississippi
Well, when Shell was HC at the begining of the season, those drafts were less than stellar, with a couple notable 1st round busts. A couple good starters and a couple depth players. What I would categorize as typical Raiders drafts.

We did better in the Flores era. I think it's obvious when a coach takes interest in the draft and when they don't.
Yeah, I don't think it had anything to do with Shell...but I did notice how RB/O Line and D Line were real heavy.
Why is this even important to have as a separate thread? Drafts under Art Shell? Really?
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