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Oct 27, 2005
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Redskins/Seahawks: I expect a good defensive game by both teams. Look for Portis and Alexander to will their teams to victories. To me, it comes down to quarterbacks and scoring and that's where the Seahawks have the edge. I think Hasselbeck has evolved to be a top QB in the league and the Seahawks have way too much firepower. Pick: Seahawks

Patriots/Broncos: This should be a great game. Denver is tough to beat at Mile High and the Patriots are the Patriots. This should also be a good defensive game. I will go with the Patriots here. I just don't trust Plummer in big games just yet and I have a feeling Brady and the Pats will just come up big here. Pick: Patriots

Steelers/Colts: I like the Colts here. I wasn't that impressed with the Steelers last week and if Carson Palmer played, it may have been different. I just think Colts have too many weapons for the Steelers to keep up. I also think the Colts D will have success against Big Ben. With the Colts getting home-field, Peyton and the offense should excel there. Pick: Colts

Panthers/Bears: I will go with Carolina here. I think they will fare much better than their last meeting at Chicago in the regular season. This should be a good defensive donnybrook. I think Carolina's offense is a lot better than Chicago. Carolina's front four should handle Grossman or Orton. I will take Delhomme over Chicago's QBs. I don't think John Fox really had his team throw the kitchen sink against the Bears in the regular season with the idea that Bears would face his team in the playoffs and he didn't want the Bears to expose Carolina's strength and weakness. That's similiar to what Belichick did agianst the Steelers last year in the regular season. Chicago fans will be crying in their beer Sunday. Pick: Panthers
Seattle/Washington - I think Wash will hang with Seattle for a half, but there offense has never impressed me and I think Seattle will beging to wear them down late in the 3rd QTR with Alexander and will probably force Brunnel into late turnovers. Seattle by 17.

Side note, there is this pretty cool girl that I work with that likes Washington, so I'll root for them anyway.

Denver/Patriots - Denver should win, but Tom Brady versus Jake Plummer is no comparison when the stakes are high. If Denver allows the *pats to hang around into the 4th look out. So it's either a Denver blowout of a close *pat victory.........I'll take the*pats.

Indy/Pitts - Indy is primed to run Pits out of the stadium. And they will too. Colts by 20

Carolina/Chicago - Chicago has zero offense and the Carolina won't be as suprised by the Bear 'D' this time around. DeShaun Foster is a top 10 RB when healthy and despite the turf toe, he's playing like he's healty. Steve Smith is amazing and Jake Delohome is pretty decent QB as well. Carolina by 10
Seahhawks/'Skins - Seahawks are too much for Joe Pa Gibbs. They have it all going on with that great offensive line (maybve the best in football). With Alexander running behind Jones and Hutchison that spells trouble.

BTW, it's raining like a SOB up here and has for the last 27 days straight. That could be an equalizer but the Hawks are at home, the crowd and the fans are absolutely out of their minds around here. I see it 27-6 Seahawks!

Broncos/Pats* - The Broncos are getting NE* at the absolute wrong time. The Pats* are peaking and playing very well. Additionally they have been "playing" while Denver has been resting starters and taking another week off. Will the rust come off easily? Home filed is a big deal but with Brady* at the helm and everything on the line I like the Patriots* 24-23 in a great game.

Bears/Panthers - This one might end up 13-12. The Panthers offense is an enigma. One week they look unstoppable the next they look like crap. Chicago has no offense to speak of going up against one of the best defenses in the league. And while Chicago's defense is very good I think Carolina scores enough to get it done. I'll take the Panthers in spite of playing in the Bears crib 16-13.

Colts/Steelers - Pittsburgh isn't up to the task here. I think they've very lucky Carson Palmer wasn't available last week after his injury. No way Pittsburgh would have survived a 38 point barrage by the Bengals --- but stuff happens. Indy for once has the coveted home field advantage and in spite of the long layoff (which is Pittsburgh's only hope) I think the offensive fire power of Manning & Company will be way to much for the Steelers to hold in check. Colts 31-20.
Seattle v Washington Home field for Seattle. Rain in Seattle. Gibbs defense in Seattle. I'll buck the trend. Washington surprises Seattle and their "haven't faced anyone" offense.

Denver v New England I'll home for our AFC West brethren. Denver sneaks by as Jake Plummer surprises us all with another steady performance.

Chicago v Carolina The Bears have no offense no matter who's pitching. Carolina's defense is at least as stingy as Chicago's. Carolina in a low-soring affair.

Indianapolis v Pittsburgh Pittsburgh gets another "lucky" break as Peyton Manning suffers an injury and is done for the season. Without their golden boy Indy goes down in defeat to the "lucky" (sound like Baltimore's SB run?) Steelers.
Crossbones: Do you plans to root for the Seahawks? I really love how the city of Seattle has rally around the team. I have a female friend who is a huge Seahawks fan. I am rooting for them just for her. Plus, I have a fondness for Seattle and Holmgren.
Matt Hasselbeck put on a great show yesterday afternoon at QWest Field. This was his coming out party yesterday afternoon. He willed the Seahawks to the win. He was simply clutch. He made big plays when he had to like finding the open guy or running for the first down. and I liked how he ran for that second TD.I just loved his poise and command with the way the Redskins defense was coming after him all day. He was not flustered at all and he executed what the defense gave him. This is something Daunte can sure learn from. I thought Matt pulled a clinic yesterday as far as accuracy and decision making goes.

Mark Brunell also did a good job too like Matt.

Man how great was Santana Moss. He made some big plays too for the Redskins. It can only happen to the Jets. Moss was so bad with the Jets yet he becomes a big-time WR who can make plays with the Redskins. This performance was what Terry Bradway, Jets GM, envisioend when he drafted Moss, but it never happend with teh Jets.

Redskins should have executed when the Seahawks fumbled late in that game. Bad enough that they did not score a TD, but even worse that they did not get the FG. That was the difference in this game.

Seattle really played a great game and I thought Washington did a good job.
DING DONG! The dynasty is freaking over. I am so glad the Pats are done. It's going to be great to see a new team win a SB for a change. I couldn't be any happier. I despise the Patriots with a passion. I despise Belichick, Brady, and their obnoxious fans. Good riddance. Now I can enjoy football.

Man it was so good that those punks lost last night. I hate the Broncos, but I hate the Patriots more.

Hats off to Denver. No one gave them a chance to win and no one talked about them this week. Denver shut their mouths and just played.

Denver's defense really did a good job I thought. Their defense is underrated. How do you like John Lynch frustrating Brady? Seeing Brady react was freaking priceless.

I actually thought Brady did a good job considering how Denver's defense was all over him. He was not the reason why the Pats lost.

Pats lost simply because they made too many mistakes. Their special teams just did not look good out there and they turned the ball over way too much. That un-Patriot like especially at this time of the year. They are normally flawless come playoff time. Patriots did not play Patriots football.

Give Denver credit. They made the big plays and their defense as huge.

Congrats to the Broncos for ending this dynasty. I couldn't be any happier
TMG... What do you make of this? of course, take it for what it's worth...

Date: Jan 14, 2006

The scheduled meeting between Daunte Culpepper and Brad Childress took place Friday, but not as most had envisioned.

When word got out that Daunte Culpepper was coming to the Twin Cities from his home in Orlando, it was seen as a solid first step between getting the franchise player and new coach Brad Childress together for their first face-to-face meeting since Childress was hired.

The meeting happened, but to the surprise of many, it was done in a phone conversation that lasted about 45 minutes instead of a face-to-face meeting. Culpepper, who has been evasive about returning calls from the media and the team since his knee surgery, didn't meet up personally with Childress, but the conversation was described by those with knowledge of it as productive.

There have been rumors that Culpepper may want out of his contract in Minnesota, but the Wilf family has strongly defended the fact that Culpepper will get his $6 million roster bonus in March and will remain with the Vikings.

Childress said Friday he is hopeful Culpepper will be ready for the regular-season opener, but with the switch to the West Coast Offense, he will need a lot of practice time to get things right. Hopefully, this will be the start of building a relationship between Childress and Culpepper, because both will need to be on the same page if the Vikings are to be successful in 2006 and beyond.


* Rumors continue to persist in Oakland that the Raiders are going to try to package a trade to get Culpepper, but there has been no word on the Vikings' end that such a trade proposal will be made or even seriously considered if it is made.

* The Vikings added two more assistants Friday. Matt Sheldon, a former assistant coach with the Rams, was hired as a defensive assistant and Kevin Stafanski, an intern with the Eagles in 2005, was hired as an assistant to Childress.
* Quote of the week from Childress' agent on the aggressive stance of the Wilf family in getting a deal done with the new coach: "I would not want to compete with them. If they get you to Minnesota, you are not leaving."
* Former coach Mike Tice will have dinner with Jets officials Sunday and have a full-scale interview on Monday. There remains a lot of talk that the Jets' first choice is Pats defensive coordinator Eric Mangini, but the best thing for Tice could be if the Patriots upset the Broncos and Mangini remains unavailable. If that happens, VU has been told Tice could jump up to Plan A and be hired as early as Tuesday.
* Darren Sharper is no stranger to defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin. When Sharper was a freshman at William and Mary, Tomlin was a junior


Thoughts everybody?

Think the Radiers would make a strong push for Culpepper that might include trading awaya their #6 pick?
Bones That would suck.

Looks like I will go 3-1 this weekend.
I am glad Daunte and Brad at least spoke on the phone. I will take it. With that said, Daunte needs to stop being distant and start working with Brad Childress. He has a new slate going and it's time for him to take advantage of it before he really lose the Vikings fans for good. I know Daunte is going through a tough time and I was okay with him staying away, but he has had a month to get away so it's time for him to get his head of his butt and start getting to work and start working with the new coach. Anytime you start working with a new head coach, you would be wise to do everything you can to gain points with the new coach and learn what he is going to do for you especially with Brad being an offensive guru.
But, do you think there is any truth to the Pepp to the Raiders rumor?

Personally I hope not. I do not want to, under any circumstances, trade another top 10 pick. Plus Duante's knee is a real concern at this point. One never knows.

The Raiders have a gresat chance to get a real defensivge stud -- either Super Mario or even A.J. Hawk...maybe even Kiwi. They worked hard :rolleyes: to get this shitty and they can't piss away this high pick.

They need to get a good player there and build that defense towards the future!
I felt so bad for Tony Dungy after the loss yesterday. That was my initial reaction after the Colts had their latest, dissapointing playoff loss. What did Tony deserve this? He is such a class act.. He is one of the nicest guys in professional sports. To see him go through is not fair. It's bad enough that he lost his son to suicide few weeks ago. Now this. This is why sports can be so cruel. I always wonder why bad guys win in sports and nice guys lose. It's frustrating and it stinks. It makes you wonder why you follow sports. I wanted to see Dungy win it all after what he went through. Even before his son's death, I wanted to see Tony win it all after the way he was forced out in Tampa Bay. It really does stinks. It's a shame people on ripping him for not preparing his team and such, but that ain't his fault. I thought he did a good job preparing his team. To me, it came down to Peyton and Vanderjagt coming up lame as usual in a postseason game not Tony Dungy. Those two should get all the criticism that they should get.

Peyton came up lame as usual in the postseason. Sure he did great in the fourth quarter, but what about the first three quarters. This was simply a horrible performance from him. He did not play very well. He did not throw very well. He did not look sharp at all. It's just wasn't his day, but then again when is it his day in the postseason. It's just business as usual with him. It has to be frustrating him that he failed again. He has no one to blame but himself. I don't know what it is, but he just does not get it done in the postseason. I thought being at home would have helped him and his offense, but it just didn't worked out. This was as bad as Peyton playing bad against the Jets several years ago at Giants Stadium. What can you say? You just hae to wonder if he has it in him to do well in big games or if he ever will one.

Vikings fans love to kill Daunte for coming up lame. Could you imagine the outcry if Peyton came up lame in the postseason? Vikings fans sure love to ride their QBs pretty hard so it would be interesting if Peyton came up lame as the Vikings QB.

Mike Vanderjagt is the anti-Vinateri. He has come up lame in the postseason forever. Yesterday was just another chapter of his horrible postseason legacy. I know that FG position was probably tough to make, but with a great leg and accuracy that he possessed, he should have found a way to get it done. This is just typical Vanderjagt. I recalled him stinking it up against the Patrots in a postseason game. How about when he missed the GW Field Goal against the Dolphins several years ago? He hasn't exactly been Mr. Reliable come postseason so he gets as much criticism as Peyton. I like to feel bad for Vanderjagt, but I don't since he opened his mouth against Peyton and Dungy few years ago. He deserved what he is getting.

Steelers simply played a great game all around. Their defense was huge. Their DL simply dominated the OL all day long which is why they were able to blitz Peyton a lot. Colts running game was not a factor. Steelers cornerbacks did a great job against the Colts receivers. How about Reggie McFadden denying Reggie Wayne a catch to score the GW TD? That was huge along with Big Ben's tackle to prevent the Colts from scoring the game winning touchdown. Steelers were able to get the fumble from the Colts and intereceptions. Dick Lebeau and Bill Cowher put on a great gameplan to stop the Colts high-wire offense.

What a game by Big Ben. He was simply feeling it especially in the first quarter. He did a great job finding the open man and using the whole field. He orchestrated the offense very well. This was as great as you are going to see from a quarterback. He did everything that Peyton wish he could have done yesterday. Just a brilliant performance. He put on a great show and then some with that tackle. Steelers fans are going to be so lucky to see Ben do his thing for many years to come.

I am glad that Jerome Bettis did not have to go through living that fumble anymore. It would have been a crappy way to end a great career like that. He is such a class act and all so I am glad he does not have not to go through it.

Steelers deserved to win this game. They played like a better team yesterday.

As for the Colts, it's the same old song. You really have to wonder if Peyton will ever be a postseason champion. The same with Vanderjagt.
Bears defense came up very lame. That's the best way to describe the Bears yesterday. They let the Panthers do whatever they want when they wanted too. Jake Delhomme easily had a great time. Did the Bears even bother covering Steve Smith? He was way wide open yesterday in several occassions. He just did whatever he wanted. Bears defense is normally physical. For some strange reason, they were soft as a cupcake yesterday. Carolina easily bullited them at every will. I am very suprised how bad the Bears D was yesterday. They are a lot better than that. I guess we can forget comparing that defense to the 85 Bears defense as Bears fans have tend to do all season.

Lot of people wondered how Rex was going to do. I thought he did a good job for the most part. He did a great job rallying the Bears back from behind. He showed great leadership and great poise. He did his job. Too bad their defense didn't.

I had a great feeling Carolina was going to be different and it showed yesterday. John Fox did a great job as usual gameplanning his team against Chicago and expose Chicago's weakness.
One thing I know after yesterday, is that although I agree Tony Dungy is a nice guy, he might be too nice of a guy.

What the hell was that all about when the "Great Peyton Manning" :rolleyes: wavied off the head coach and decided to go for it on 4th and 8? That was horrible. Sure they made it but had they not the game was over right then and there. Since when does the QB wave off the head coach and just do what he wants? Dungy should have call time out and dragged that SOB by the ear...

There are issues in Indianapolis and Tony needs to have a sit down with Manning and tell him who is running that team.

Manning dropped several notches as a leader in my book yesterday after his BS act to throw his teammates under the bus. Like he played all that great. I know he was harassed all day but you don't do that to your teammates on National TV. That was totally weak.
TMG: You know, I hate to see proud franchises get all bungled (I hate it now more than ever since we're one of them). I hope you guys can settle on a direction and get the ship righted, soon, so we can punk your asses in the Super Bowl again. :D
Regarding Manning: what would the "great" Tom Brady have done? I'm really sick to death of these do-nothing-wrong fair-haired kids. Fuck 'em long and hard and pass 'em to the next guy.

A friend of mine pointed out that the NBA and NFL are very similar in propping up the "nice guys". Ever notice how San Antonio and that big pissy bitch Duncan get all the free passes? Nice guys finish first when the league is looking out for them. What about that bogus interception overturn? Looked like a gift horse to me. Did you notice how long it took for the ref to come up with an explanation? Just about as long as the snowjob tuck rule mis-interpretation.

I give Dungy all the credit in the world, but he is a sub-par head coach. I put him with the likes of Dennis Green, Marty Shottenheimer, and Dan Reeves. They've got all the moves in the regular season, but they're formula guys who can never turn it up that extra notch because they have no clue how to. I put Gruden in the same category, but that little bastard got a ring by adding a touch of offense to the defense Dungy set up. And he never would have gotten the ring if his lacky hadn't handed it to him on a silver platter.
This is something I thought you raiders faithful might enjoy - from an article about the Broncos game last Saturday...

Broncos' country had been at a fever pitch days before the Saturday's first playoff game in Invesco, the two-time defending NFL Champion Patriots showed up on time and at altitude determinded to spoil the Orange and Blue party. Gunslinging Patriot quarterback Tom Brady sought the 11th straight playoff notch on his handle without a blemish.

Three hours later, Brady left 10-1 after the Broncos' 27-13 victory. To those in Patriots' country who have since questioned whether the Broncos' first Invesco playoff win was legitimate, let me offer an Orange and Blue hanky to wipe the sour grapes that stain your mouth. C'mon. Now that your "dynasty" is over, you can admit it; Brady really did fumble in the snow against the Raiders in the 2001 playoffs, no matter what the referees ruled.
Rupert: Best players tend to do that at times. If you are a great player and you have confidence that you can get the job done, I can't fault you for doing that. Peyton is the face of the franchise and if he feels that he can get it done in a situation like that one, I am not going to blame him. I won't rip Peyton for what he did.
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