Daunte may be out for the season


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Oct 27, 2005
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Daunte has a torn ACL and he had to leave the game.

Daunte has been hurting all season with that knee. I think he has done his best to play with pain all year. Something is clearly not right with him this season. With this season being a lost cause, I would like him to rest up and get ready to be healthy for next season. I want him 100 percent with the new head coach next year.
That blows for you guys.

Sorry to heard that. :(
Well, he wasn't exactly playing up to his contract anyway. Time to give Johnson a chance to play.

Maybe Nap Harris could try his hand at playing QB. He clearly has no future at LB. ;)
Believe it or not, there are many idiotic Vikings fans that want to see Brad Johnson play at QB. Go to KFAN.com Rube Chat at feedback.kfan.com and you would be amazed to see the criticism that Daunte gets or how they want to see Brad play. There is this loser named Tom Barnard who does a morning show on KQRS (www.kqrs.com) and this guy rips Daunte all the time. Now those type of people will get their wish and see Brad played. Personally, Brad won't do much. He will do alright, but they ain't winning with him either.

Has Daunte had a great year? No. He should take some portion of the blame too since he is playing in a position where leadership is big. With that said, this guy's knee has been bothering him since the final week of the preseason. He likes to run a lot, but his knee has limited him to do that. That OL is brutal. A poster at MNSportsCentral.com made a point about how Daunte gets sacked the minute the count is over for him to throw. Losing Matt Birk was clearly painful. I can't give up on him this fast. Now if the Vikings are in a position to draft Lineart and if the Cards are interested in Daunte, then fine. Personally, it's too quick to dump on Daunte. I like to see Daunte do well with some new OL players, a new coach, and a new offensive coordinator next season before I judge him.

This season has been a lost cause anyway so let Daunte get ready for next year. There is nothing to be sad except if you are Mike Tice who really needs Daunte at QB if he wants to retain his job as head coach.
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