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Feb 2, 2006
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Gary Garver Celebrity Interviews. 07/17/06. 9:05am

Howard had some new Gary Garver interviews from the ESPY awards show. The first person up was NBA Rookie of the year Chris Paul. Garver asked him some softball questions and then asked him if he'd be uncomfortable getting naked in front of a gay player. The guy said he wasn't going to answer that and then told him ''no comment'' to a few others and walked away.

Up next was Danny Clark from the Oakland Raiders. Artie had no idea who he was or who Chris Paul was so Howard was kind of bummed because he thought this was a big deal. He played the audio where Garver interviewed him and asked him if he abstains from sex before football. The guy said he does that 2 days ahead of time. He was asked if he'd be uncomfortable around gay players. Danny said as long as they don't come near him, he's fine. Garver asked him a few other questions and Danny thought they were pretty crazy. Garver asked the guy to get the team in line so they can win some games.

Artie said he'd bet on the team because Garver was saying that they're a 60-1 bet to win the Super Bowl. Artie is going to put down $1000 when he goes out to Vegas on that one. Howard asked him to do the same for him. Will came in and said that the bet is a retarded bet because there's no chance that the Raiders are going to make it to the Super Bowl. They spent a couple of minutes talking about that and then Howard got back to Garver's interviews.

Up next was Leon Spinks. Garver asked him some questions but Spink's answers were pretty much unintelligible. Garver asked him if his private parts are shaved and some other crazy stuff like that. He asked him to describe Howard Stern in one word and Spinks said ''Nasty.''

Garver ran into Pat O'Brien but as soon as Garver brought up the incident, he had to run. Pat ran away when Gary asked him what he thinks about Howard playing those tapes. Pat said ''That's the History Channel at this point...'' as he ran off. Howard played some of those Pat O'Brien clips and song parodies as a reminder. Howard said he'd like to interview Pat's girlfriend that he was talking about in those tapes.

Howard got back to Garver's interviews and the next person up was Shaun Alexander. Garver asked him the question about the gay teammate and some questions about if he knows any openly gay athletes. Shaun said he knows some gay guys and wouldn't have a problem with them. He was also asked about banging groupies and he claims that he was a virgin until he got married at the age of 25. Garver asked him a few more questions and he stuck around and answered them all. The questions were really dumb according to Artie and Howard but the guys were answering them like they were legitimate questions.
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