Colts just continue to impress me


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Oct 27, 2005
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I was very impressed last night with how they beat the Stillers. I knew they would win because they were at their friendly confines where their offense really excels, but to limit the Steelers to just 7 points is pretty damn good. Colts defense has really mold to what Tony Dungy wants it to be which is similiar to the Bucs defense. That D is in your face at every possession as you saw last night. I think what makes the Colts different from years past is that defense and I think that's what will carry the Colts to their SB championship.

I didn't think much of the Colts even when they started off well. After last night, I am impressed. I am glad most football fans are poo-poing the Colts because that will make them more hungrier than ever. As long as the Colts get home-field, I don't see anyone beating them and that includes those punks of Foxboro.

As for the undefeated record, I think it's a big deal now. I did not think much of it, but the Colts may need that record to get home-field. I don't think the undefeated record means much and I know Tony and his team does not think much either, but they may need it this year with the season Denver is having. I am not sure if Indy can do well at the new Mile High (I refuse to call it Invesco) where it's tough to win so they are better off playing at RCA Dome throughout the playoffs. They needed this undefeated record unless Denver loses two more games. I don't think Dungy can afford to rest his players unless Denver loses couple of games.

BTW, how bad did Big Ben look yesterday? I think he is good, but he is way overhyped. Like Chad Pennington, have your defense blitz Ben and he will come unfazed as you saw what the Pats did in the AFC Championship Game and last night with the Colts.
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