Chiefs to name herman edwards new head coach this friday


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Jan 2, 2006
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Source Confirms: Chiefs Will Name Edwards New Coach Friday

Herman Edwards is out in New York. The Chiefs will announce Edwards as their new head coach this Friday at a press conference in Kansas City. The Jets will also also hold a press conference later this week and all indications at this juncture are that general manager Terry Bradway will continue to hold his position. The Jets are expected to name offensive coordinator Mike Hemierdinger to the position of head coach while Jets defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson will follow Edwards to K.C.


I think that's a good thing for the Chiefs...Edwards is a hard worker that gets the respect of the players. He'll be a great replacement for Cry Baby.

I wonder what the terms of the deal are? Surely the Jets are getting some compensation from Kansas City.

Anybody hear? Draft picks? Or is that a no-no these days since Al Davis stuck it to Tampa Bay a few years ago.
Mike Heimerdinger? I guess the Jets want to please John Madden who LOVES to say Heimerdinger's name. Then again, maybe it was the stellar offensive output they had this past season.
I am very dissapointed that he would bail out. I lost a lot of respect for him. I am very dissapointed in him. I hope he does well in KC, but I am dissapointed in him. He has two years left. He should fulfill it. That's plenty of time. Herm seems to want an extension because he does not think he is paid well enough and he feels that he is worried about being fired. Also, Herm wants out because he is tired of sports radio, the NY papers, and the Jets fans for calling him out as a gameday coach. First off, NFL head coaches will always get criticized especially if a sports town is a NFL town only. That's part of life. I am not sure if things will change if Herm moves on elsewhere. Herm is going to have to deal with that too in another city so why be obessed with it. Second, what is the rush to get an extension. Why is he that insecure about his future with the Jets? I think he will stay for as long as Jets owner Woody Johnson wants him. I could see him coaching the Jets for the next 10 years so why worry about extension when he has two years to go. There is no rush. He is not getting fired anytime soon. I think he is being greedy here a little bit. All he has to do is keep working and good things will happen. Unfortunately, he is bailing out.

The Jets just don't get it. it. They let Belichick get away and now they are doing it with Herm. They dumped Pete Carroll after one year. You wonder why the Jets are the Jets forever. This franchise just does too many stupid things. Thank God I am not a fan of the Jets or I would lose my mind like I am with the Timberwolves. Somehow if Robert Kraft or any other great owner who owned the Jets, he would not have let Herm walk. Belichick and Herm were able to renege on their contracts and get away with it. How do the Jets let them get away with it? I understand that they need draft picks, but great coaches are hard to find. They blew it with Belichick and now they blew it with Herm. Shame on Jets owner Woody Johnson, who has proven he has no clue about football.

Jets fans deserve all the losing they can get. Those idiots have been bashing Herman since Day 1. I hope they are happy. This is same group of losers who did not want Belichick to coach their team. NY sports fans are so spoiled that it's sad. Now, you got those same fans turning on Joe Torre. You got those same fans who turned on Davey Johnson and Bobby Valentine. You got those same fans that turned on Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy. New York sports fans are lucky to have great coaches coaching their team. It's sad that they don't appreciate them. Giants fans at least get it. Giants fans have been good. They supported Reeves, Parcells, Fassel, and Coughlin during tough times. At least, they don't turn on them.

Herm does not look good and Jets look worse for letting Herm get away with what he is doing
Rupert said:
Mike Heimerdinger? I guess the Jets want to please John Madden who LOVES to say Heimerdinger's name. Then again, maybe it was the stellar offensive output they had this past season.

I am guessing Donnie Henderson is the new coach.

Heimerdinger has done nothing to be the head coach.

Jets are better served hiring Donnie. The candidates out there are not that good. Donnie is well qualifed.

Watch Donnie or any other coach bail out on the Jets like Herm and Bill Belichick after 2 or 3 years and watch that idiot Woody Johnson let him walk. It's the Jets Way.
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