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Jan 22, 2006
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Chiefs Team Report

By Adam Teicher
Kansas City Star

PERSONNEL ANALYSIS: T Kyle Turley's signing gives the Chiefs the chance to upgrade their offensive line. Turley is more skilled and more accomplished than John Welbourn, last year's starter. Welbourn told the Chiefs he would retire, but the job probably would have gone to Turley anyway if his balky back holds up. Turley also needs to show he can scrape off the rust after two years away from football and play effectively below 300 pounds, as his back demands he do. Even if he doesn't start at right tackle, Turley gives the Chiefs some security as a backup for LT Willie Roaf. Without a reliable reserve for Roaf last season, the Chiefs suffered when he missed several games because of hamstring problems.

SCOUTING REPORT: Reserve TE Jason Dunn isn't much of a receiving threat, but he's the perfect complement to starter Tony Gonzalez. Dunn is a powerful in-line blocker who can also get out on the perimeter to lead for some of the Chiefs' favorite plays. He has been a key figure in the Chiefs' ability to run the ball well over the last several years. Now that the Chiefs have lost FB Tony Richardson to free agency, Dunn's blocking ability is more important than ever.

REHAB UPDATE: DE Eric Hicks is still mending from offseason shoulder surgery and as a precaution was withheld from most full-speed spring drills. Hicks should be ready for full participation when training camp begins. Though the Chiefs have Jared Allen at one end and drafted Tamba Hali in the first round this year, Hicks still plays a key role for the Chiefs. They expect Hicks to be their starter on the left side. Hicks isn't as quick as the Chiefs would like and can be overwhelmed by bigger, stronger tackles at the point of attack. But he gives maximum effort on every snap and sometimes makes a play with sheer determination.

INSIDE DISH: This could be the last chance for DT Ryan Sims to prove to the Chiefs they didn't err by making him the sixth pick of the 2002. Sims still has a rare combination of quickness and power but he hasn't consistently used those qualities to his advantage. It hasn't been entirely his fault. Injuries cost him most of two of his four seasons. Sims reported for offseason work in poor physical condition and the Chiefs are losing patience with him.

OFFENSIVE TACKLES ANALYSIS: B-plus. Willie Roaf remains one of the best on the left side. Kyle Turley could solidify the other.
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