Chiefs speaking with Roaf


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Jan 22, 2006
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Chiefs speaking with Roaf

From staff and wire reports
Chiefs president and general manager Carl Peterson said he has spoken with Willie Roaf's agent, Peter Schaffer, and still hopes the tackle will return to the Chiefs.

"We'll be meeting with his agent this week," Peterson said. "But at this particular time we have not put Willie Roaf on reserve/retired. I'm not gonna do that."

Peterson said the Chiefs will give Roaf time to change his mind, but eventually plan to hold a formal press conference wherein Roaf can discuss his retirement.

"He deserves that," Peterson said. "He's been a marvelous player for the Chiefs, a great player in the National Football League. And we'll honor him at a game and so forth.

"His agent indicated to me that Willie is not ready to do that."

Several players said they had called and sent text messages to Roaf, but hadn't received replies.

Part of the reason the Chiefs still hold out hope for Roaf's return was his enthusiasm at the beginning of the offseason.

"He was adamant at the end of the season that he was coming back," Peterson said. "He was very, very forceful with me about making sure that Will Shields did not retire. So this has been a pretty large reversal."
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