Chiefs' Roaf retires


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Jan 22, 2006
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Chiefs' Roaf retires
The Kansas City Star

RIVER FALLS, Wis. | Tackle Willie Roaf, the foundation of one of the NFL’s best offensive lines, has retired.
Roaf wasn’t with the Chiefs when they reported for training camp on Thursday. Roaf told The Kansas City Star this morning by telephone that he had told president/general Carl Peterson and coach Herm Edwards of his plans weeks ago and even sent the Chiefs a letter declaring his intentions.

“I guess they want me to reconsider,’’ Roaf told The Star. “I’m solid on retiring and going back to school.’’

Roaf, 36, was emphatic in the spring that he would play this season. But today he said lingering hamstring and knee trouble led to his decision.

Roaf missed six games last season because of hamstring problems. He missed half of the 2001 season while playing for New Orleans after tearing knee ligaments.

Roaf joined the Chiefs in a trade from the Saints in 2002 and was a major factor in their offensive success. His retirement leaves a significant hole at left tackle.

Edwards said Thursday the Chiefs would use Jordan Black at left tackle and Kyle Turley at right tackle when practice begins this afternoon.

Roaf played 13 NFL seasons and made the Pro Bowl in all but two of them. Despite playing on only two teams to reach the playoffs, Roaf will likely be selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Wow. What a great player he was. I guess he just didn't have that certain fire at age 36 to rehab AND go through camp.

I think this hurts the chiefs big time. I'm not sure that Kyle Turley is still a viable football player and their depth is now waferthin. Wonder is this will impact the entire offense?

Then again, they have a solid system in place and will probably plug somone in that will at least play adequate ball....
It will definintely hurt the offense, but Edwards will plug in some grinder that can hold the edge long enough for Johnson, and necessarily Holmes, to get loose.

Edwards will have to hope the defense can improve enough to let the offense figure it out. It'll be a tough year, but I think this is why KC went after Edwards. He's rebuilt a franchise before.
CrossBones said:
Good luck Willie.

Chiefs suck.
They will now :( I am so totally bummed out about this season now.....I suspect Trent Green is going to get sacked/hurried a helluva lot more than David Carr ever did!! :mad:
They're trying to talk him out of retiring. We'll see.
CrossBones said:
They're trying to talk him out of retiring. We'll see.
I doubt if that will work....but I can hope :)
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