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Jan 22, 2006
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Defense is decent enough
Chiefs hold Bengals to 236 yards but stumble over no-huddle offense.
The Kansas City Star
The first defensive performance of the Herm Edwards era was hardly a thing of beauty. The Chiefs allowed 23 points and took the ball away from the visiting Cincinnati Bengals only once.

As a starting point, the Chiefs will gladly take it. They allowed the high-powered Bengals just 236 yards and, despite the fact that Cincinnati started six drives in Kansas City’s end of the field, made them kick three field goals.

“It was OK, just OK,” linebacker Derrick Johnson said. “That’s not good enough. We’ve got to go to Denver next week, and even though they lost, they’re going to be ready to go. We’ve got to have a short-term memory. We’ve got to go to Denver with a whole different mind-set, and we will.”

Cincinnati had only one drive of more than 42 yards, and it turned out to be the one that allowed the Bengals to take the lead for good. They broke a 3-3 tie when, in the middle of the second quarter, they went to a no-huddle offense and drove 88 yards.

They scored on Rudi Johnson’s 22-yard run.

“It was only the one drive that hurt us,” Derrick Johnson said. “They went to no-huddle for the first time, and they got us on that drive. You take away that one drive — this is football, so I know you can’t do that — and we played OK. We will get better. We just have to communicate better.”

The Chiefs prepared for Cincinnati’s no-huddle offense and, in fact, were surprised that the Bengals didn’t unveil it sooner. But the Chiefs had occasional trouble getting the defensive calls from the sideline in short order.

“Sometimes I just called things myself,” said linebacker Kawika Mitchell, who relays defensive calls from the sideline to his teammates. “Me and (defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham) have talked enough about that. It’s nothing to panic over. You’ve just got to be ready for it.”

The Chiefs were also disappointed in their inability to create more turnovers. Jared Allen forced a fumble early in the second half when he sacked quarterback Carson Palmer and made him fumble. Johnson recovered for the Chiefs.

Otherwise, the Chiefs came up empty. Patrick Surtain lost an apparent interception when he was ruled out of bounds. Mitchell got his hands on a pass early in the game but couldn’t hold on.

“There were some interceptions we could have had. I had a tipped ball,” Mitchell said. “There were some plays we left out on the field, some missed sacks. That’s the major thing.”

All in all, the game wasn’t what the Chiefs wanted defensively but gave them something to build on.

“We had pressure on (Palmer) all day, I thought,” Allen said. “We were batting balls down.

“We gave up 23 points. I don’t care where they start. That’s never good. Our goal is to not let them score, and obviously we let them score. We played well at times, but our ultimate goal, we didn’t accomplish.”
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