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Jan 22, 2006
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The Kansas City Star
What you need to know on offense

One of coach Herm Edwards’ pre-camp concerns was the lack of spring practice time for his starting offensive players. Things aren’t much better through the first few camp workouts. Tight ends Tony Gonzalez and Jason Dunn and guard Will Shields were withheld from the morning practice to save wear and tear. Then guard Brian Waters left the morning practice early with what Edwards called a sprained foot. Chris Bober and Peter Heyer were the first-team guards until Shields replaced Heyer in the afternoon.

What you need to know on defense

The Chiefs were expecting new cornerback Ty Law at camp and on the practice field today. … Lenny Walls will relinquish his starting spot to Law but is making the most of his moment. He deflected a Trent Green pass destined for Dante Hall, and safety Greg Wesley made the interception. … Even without full pads in the morning practice, rookie safety Bernard Pollard showed he’s not afraid to hit. He put his shoulder into running back Derrick Ross.

Injury report

Edwards said Waters would be day-to-day. “We don’t know how long it’s going to be,” Edwards said. “The good thing is that the X-rays show there’s no break, just a sprain.”

Halfback Priest Holmes (neck), tight end Aaron Golliday (hamstring), defensive linemen Ron Edwards (shoulder), Junior Siavii (knee) and Steve Williams (knee) and defensive backs William Bartee (Achilles), Marcus Maxey (knee) and Alphonso Hodge (knee) did not practice.

Wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe (shoulder) practiced in the morning but not the afternoon.

Today’s schedule

The Chiefs will hold a practice in full pads in the morning and a special teams practice in the afternoon.


“This is where you build your toughness and your camaraderie because it’s an even playing field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-round draft pick. It doesn’t matter if you’re a five-year veteran or a Pro Bowl player or a Hall of Famer. We all sleep in those dorms. We all eat in the food line. We all go to practice every day. The fancy cars won’t help you. You start to become accountable to each other.”

— Edwards on the importance of training camp

Turning up the heat

Unseasonably hot temperatures greeted the Chiefs for the first couple of days of camp, and the matter will get worse before it improves. The forecast for today and Monday is for temperatures of over 100 degrees.

Edwards released the linemen from afternoon practice after 20 minutes before its end. Backs, receivers and linebackers stayed, but shed their pads for the final 20 minutes.

“It’s a factor,” Edwards said. “You’ve got to protect these guys. You don’t want to kill your team on the practice field.”

Resting the legs

Gonzalez, Dunn and Shields won’t be the last veteran players to get a break from practice. Edwards said he will continue the practice with selected veterans from time to time.

“There’s going to be some guys (practicing only once daily),” he said. “Eventually, you’ll see some defensive guys (practicing once). You’ve got to protect your players, especially when they’re older players.

“When guys have great offseasons, veteran football players, I understand that when they get to camp, I help them out.”

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