Chargers Team Report


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Jan 22, 2006
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Chargers Team Report

By Kevin Acee
San Diego Union-Tribune

PERSONNEL ANALYSIS: QB Philip Rivers continued to impress teammates through the conclusion of offseason coaching sessions with his command of the offense, accurate passes and leadership traits on and off the field. He's not yet at departed Drew Brees' level, but Rivers is a natural football player who is equally at ease with his peers. Many tests remain, but the team is heading into the final month of the offseason feeling comfortable with its new quarterback. Rivers still needs to show he can spread the ball around more, something that was challenging at times even for Brees. But with such a talented offense around Rivers, most in the organization are confident the transition will go smoother than expected.

Scott Mruczkowski is a name to remember, if not for his immediate contribution then for his future with the Chargers. His biggest talent at present is his ability to fill in at every offensive line position. However, coaches are trying to find him a more permanent position. A guard and center in college, the second-year pro has impressed with his work at right tackle as well. He ran with the first team in minicamp (Mike Goff was excused to attend a family wedding). He is strong, hard-working and can move.

SCOUTING REPORT: FS Marlon McCree looks to have already assumed a leadership role in the secondary, a group that ended last season with shattered confidence. The free-agent pickup from Carolina is working with the first team and seems to be quickly picking up the defense -- no small feat for a free safety just a few months into a new system. In the Chargers' defense, already flush with run-stoppers, his role will be that of ballhawk. There have been mistakes in drills, which McCree acknowledges and fixes. His presence should make corners Quentin Jammer and Drayton Florence better.

REHAB UPDATE: LT Roman Oben is expected to be out of his protective boot by the end of the month. Already able to walk on his still-swollen foot, which has been operated on twice this offseason, Oben will then try to jog, run and eventually push off. The only real injury question going into training camp, Oben also occupies a position that is perhaps the biggest concern for the Chargers. His experience and ability make him the best option -- ahead of rookie Marcus McNeill or '05 fill-in Leander Jordan. Jordan has been impressive in the offseason but lacks the consistency required of a left tackle.

INSIDE DISH: There has been almost no legitimate interest shown in Donnie Edwards, whose '06 salary is too big for most teams to justify for a 33-year-old middle linebacker who lacks the size to be a force at the line.

OFFENSIVE TACKLES ANALYSIS: C. RT Shane Olivea needs to bounce back from an off year, and Roman Oben's injury means there is much uncertainty at LT.
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