chargers phillips gets arrested for scuffle with cop. lmao


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Jan 2, 2006
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SAN DIEGO (AP) - San Diego Chargers backup linebacker Shaun Phillips was arrested early Friday after he scuffled with a patrol officer, police said.

Phillips, 24, was booked into San Diego County jail on a charge of obstructing or resisting an officer in the performance of his duty. Phillips was freed after posting $10,000 bail, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Two officers sustained minor injuries during the struggle with the 6-foot-3, 262-pound linebacker, police said in a statement.

An officer patrolling San Diego's Gaslamp neighborhood saw Phillips grab an unidentified woman by the hair and pull hard enough to make her head tilt back, police said. The officer saw the woman slap Phillips and push him as he tried to grab her again.

When the officer checked on the couple, the woman told the officer they were "just playing" and the couple started walking away. The officer told Phillips to stay, the linebacker refused and a struggle followed, the police said.

Phillips saw significant action in 2005 and made three starts when Steve Foley was hurt. He was second on the team last season with seven sacks.

"I've met with the young man and we'll let the legal process run its course," Chargers general manager A.J. Smith said.
Ahaha.....always nice when it's a rival team...I've been hearing about my criminal team from Chargers fans since last it's payback time!! ;)
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