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Jan 22, 2006
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Carl talks Law
Chiefs remain interested in cornerback, with economics guiding the decision, Peterson says.
The Kansas City Star

Carl Peterson came back from a trip to Europe late Tuesday night rested and chipper, but the change in scenery didn’t jolt his stance on free-agent cornerback Ty Law.

“We have an interest in Ty Law,” said the Chiefs president/general manager. “But obviously, it has to be based upon economics.

“To this point, we certainly haven’t been able to get together with his representatives on a contract, and we also note that no one else has, either. Sometimes patience is difficult, but it is also a pragmatic thing to do.”

Law, a five-time Pro Bowl selection, has been on the market since his winter release from the New York Jets. He had a league-high 10 interceptions last year, and the Chiefs and Patriots appear to be his main suitors. Law told The Kansas City Star on Tuesday that he wanted fair-market value and that it was possible he might not sign before the start of training camp.

The Chiefs have been searching for a replacement for longtime starter Eric Warfield, who was cut in March.

“I can say that we’re comfortable with the secondary people we have at this point for the 2006 season,” Peterson said, “but we’re always going to try to improve the quality of our football team if possible.”

The Chiefs currently have about $8 million in cap space, but Peterson said the club would need a good chunk of the money in the coming months. They have yet to sign their rookies — Kansas City’s rookie pool is nearly $3.4 million for 2006 — and Peterson likes to set aside about $2 million every year for injured-reserve players.

Peterson also said the Chiefs would work on contract extensions for a couple of veterans. Tight end Tony Gonzalez and linebacker Kawika Mitchell are believed to be two of their big priorities.

“I like to address (those issues) as soon as possible,” Peterson said. “And I do that as quietly as possible. I’ve very seldom lost a good player to free-agency.”

Rookie talks

Peterson said at least two things were complicating the signing of drafted rookies this year. For starters, the salary cap went up, but the rookie cap didn’t. And the Chiefs have eight players — not their usual seven — in their rookie pool with the signing of Canadian Football League quarterback Casey Printers.

“There’s not a lot of room to wiggle from last year to this year,” Peterson said.

On a positive note, he said the negotiations with first-round pick Tamba Hali had been going “very well.”

“They have a good understanding of where we are, and we have a good understanding of where they are,” he said.

The Chiefs also are working with Hali’s agents, Brian Mackler and Jim Ivler, on obtaining Hali’s citizenship. Hali, an All-America defensive end from Penn State, is a native of Liberia.

Peterson said he was hopeful that Hali would be in River Falls when training camp started in two weeks, but he also noted that one late arrival — 2005 first-rounder Derrick Johnson — did just fine last year.

Johnson was a quick study, cracked the starting lineup and finished with 96 tackles and two sacks.

Roaf’s contract

A local media outlet this week reported that Pro Bowl tackle Willie Roaf had restructured his contract. Peterson said Wednesday that the Chiefs had not done any major changes to Roaf’s deal.

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