Brown-Broncos deal is imminent


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Jan 22, 2006
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Brown-Broncos deal is imminent
By Lee Rasizer, Rocky Mountain News
March 7, 2006

In what his agent Monday described as the culmination of a "long and difficult process," defensive end Courtney Brown is closing in on a restructure of his existing deal to remain with the Denver Broncos.

The revised deal likely will become official today, with only a "few tweaks left," according to Marvin Demoff, Brown's agent.

The renegotiation will save the team several million dollars of salary-cap room, which was desperately needed by the Broncos as they proceed forward into the anticipated start of free agency Wednesday night.

Brown pushed to redo the contact in the manner that's about to materialize despite some objections from Demoff regarding the process and financial ramifications.

"I'm not excited about this particular deal," Demoff said. "But you represent the client and Courtney is very excited about Denver. He likes it there and wants to be there. And this is what he wanted to do, which is fine."

Denver had only about $1 million of wiggle room under the current $94.5 million spending limit before Brown tore up his current deal, which had included a $4.6 million salary-cap hit for 2006.

The Broncos still are trying to retain defensive tackle Gerard Warren and have been hamstrung by the limited room on the cap, which could expand by $10 million or more if an extension to the collective bargaining agreement is hammered out.

They also hope to retain long- snapper Mike Leach and special-teams captain Keith Burns, while needing sufficient space to eventually sign their draft class.

Keeping Brown, though, is as important as the cap ramifications.

The Broncos released Trevor Pryce and veteran Marco Coleman retired, and Brown's departure would have further depleted a position that was already thin.,2777,DRMN_23918_4520745,00.html
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