Broncos interested in Ricky Williams


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Jan 22, 2006
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Broncos interested in Ricky Williams

Staff and Wire Reports
Posted February 3 2006

The Denver Post reported the Broncos have held internal discussions regarding a potential trade for Ricky Williams.

The Broncos would consider making an offer if unable to obtain wide receiver Terrell Owens in a trade with Philadelphia, the newspaper reported.

A source said the Dolphins have had no talks with Philadelphia about a potential Owens trade. The Eagles are expected to release Owens if they are unable to trade him before the start of the free-agent signing period March 3

Upshaw readies union for fight

DETROIT · The NFL Players Association is preparing to take the league to court if there is no immediate progress on a new contract.

NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw set March 9 as the date he will begin consulting players on legal action if no deal has been reached to extend the collective bargaining agreement. Upshaw said Thursday that the current stalemate is due more to a disagreement among the owners on revenue sharing than conflict between the league and the union.

The current contract expires after the 2007 season, but it calls for an uncapped year in '07. Without a new CBA, negotiations on individual contracts in the free-agent period that begins March 3 will be much more difficult for teams and players.

"The price of poker will go up," Upshaw said at the union's Super Bowl news conference. "We cannot stay in the place where we are now."

The league and the owners have been negotiating for more than a year on an extension to the contract first agreed upon in 1993.

But this is the first time there has been a stalemate, primarily because of the dispute between high-revenue teams such as Washington, Dallas, Houston and New England, and teams with less local money available from items ranging from parking to stadium signage.

Upshaw insisted the union is prepared for decertification, which involves disbanding and going to antitrust court to ask for a set of rules under which the NFL would operate. The union did that to end the monthlong 1987 strike and played without a contract until 1992, when the court ruled in its favor -- leading to the current deal negotiated with commissioner Paul Tagliabue and the owners. That deal included free agency for the first time, as well as the salary cap, which took effect in 1993.

"We've demonstrated we are not afraid to decertify," Upshaw said. "We understand the laws and what's available to us."

Richard Berthelsen, the union's general counsel, said if the decertification strategy is used, it could keep the owners from locking out the players and allowing games to continue. "If there is no union, the labor laws would not apply, so you wouldn't have a lockout," he said.

Upshaw warned if the dispute continues through 2007, then the salary cap is likely to be gone -- for good.

He also pointed out that the $24 billion television deal reached last year with CBS, NBC, Fox and ESPN gives the networks incentive to help settle the dispute.

Berthelsen also said the contract extension that tailback Ricky Williams signed with the Dolphins in 2002 also will have an impact on CBA negotiations.

Under provisions of that contract, the Dolphins were given the right to recoup millions of dollars in incentive money after Williams retired from football in 2004. Berthelsen said the NFLPA wouldn't agree to a new CBA unless those types of contracts were barred.

"We can't leave it up to the clubs and the agents any more in the individual process to agree to these things, which in effect are eroding the Collective Bargaining Agreement," Berthelsen said.


BRONCOS: C Tom Nalen agreed to a three-year contract extension.

FALCONS: Tom Cable was named offensive line coach.

JAGUARS: C Dennis Norman agreed to a four-year contract extension.

LIONS: Mike Martz backed out of the offensive coordinator position, and the ex-St. Louis Rams coach appears content to sit out next season. "Obviously, I took the job," Martz said. "It just didn't work out with the money."

TEXANS: The team hired Brian Pariani as tight ends coach, Mike McDaniel as offensive quality control coach and Robert Saleh defensive quality control coach.,0,5264561.story?coll=sfla-sports-front

Why?? :confused: I couldn't even imagine TO & Williams on the same team!! :eek:
Ricky Williams? What the hell does Denver need him for? They've already got Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell to carry the load. What do you do with Williams?
Not to mention Dayne...Though I think he is already a free agent, which really kinda sucks because I think that he earned his spot on the roster with being instrumental in a couple of our wins -- Dallas comes to mind first and foremost.

Bell is great if he can get out in the open, otherwise, he just isn't powerful enough.

But, well who knows...I don't even pretend to know what Shanny has going through his mind at any given moment, especially after the whole Browncos thing last off-season -- I thought for sure our line was doomed...
Rupert said:
Ricky Williams? What the hell does Denver need him for? They've already got Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell to carry the load. What do you do with Williams?
Exactly what I was thinking!! Denver always has at least TWO great RB's on the roster every year....why would they want RW? He's a POS in my opinion and not worth the time of day!!
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