Bring on the mock drafts

I do also like the fact that Cutler is moving up the boards, we may have the opportunity to drop back if we don't have a shot at Mario Williams.
Another vote for Demeco Ryan.

It goes without saying that teaming a player like Ryans with Danny Clark and Kirk Morrison would provide a major boost to the defense and be a significant upgrade to that group. The defensive line is also a concern since Ted Washington and Warren Sapp aren't getting any younger and there is very little depth so they could realistically opt for an end like Mario Williams or a tackle like Haloti Ngata here as well, and never rule out a workout warrior and phenomenal talent like tight end Vernon Davis tempting Al Davis either.

I am praying we don't go TE here, yes, I am jealous as hell of Gates and Gonzales, but maybe another time.
Ignoring the fact that Al just doesn't dig LBs, Mario, Hawk, Ngata, and possibly...just maybe...Michael Huff are the only cats I could be content with us drafting. The TE possibility scares the shit out of me, though.
CrossBones said:
Cutler third? Dude is smoking something.

So his take about the Radiers taking Hawk is in question! :p

Yeah. I was not impressed with his senior bowl appearance...Cutler is a physical specimen for QB, he does have going for him that he played against the best defenses in the NCAA in the SEC, but third??? I think QB's are getting way overrated. Alex Smith was not worth a #1 overall last year either.
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