Brad Childress needs to shut up about Daunte


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Oct 27, 2005
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Enough is enough. This guy was attacking Daunte about his workouts in which he liken Daunte working out at the strip mall. He already said his piece on Daunte in a meeting at the St. Paul Chamber of Commerece with the writers and several muckety-mucks last week. Leave him alone. Daunte has suffered enough negative publicity as everyone from the fans to the media to Zygi Wilf to the new front office and all.

You know? I am starting to think Brad may have rubbed Daunte the wrong way which caused Daunte to be much distant with him and the team after that first meeting. I don't know. Brad seems to have a strong personality and acts like he knows it all never mind that he never called a play ever. His way or the highway style better work this season or he will get ripped in the Twin Cities and nationally.
I agree Tice......Most coaches aren't so public with their criticism of players!!
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