Bold Raider pick: Rick Barry!


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Jan 22, 2006
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Bold Raider pick: Rick Barry!
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THIS CAN'T BE happening. Ken Whisenhunt? Noooooooo ...
The Raiders don't need another offensive coordinator masquerading as a head coach. They don't need to overpay for another overhyped Super Bowl hero.

Look around, Mr. Davis. Do you see what's working these days in the NFL?

Veteran coaches aren't coaching at all. They're managing. They're leading.

And they're winning.

Bill Cowher stands on the sideline and scowls, all the while allowing two great coordinators (Whisenhunt and Dick LeBeau) to chalk the x's and o's.

Bill Belichick won three titles using the concept. Marty Schottenheimer and Joe Gibbs are making successful comebacks because of it. And Dick Vermeil is retiring a proud man thanks to it.

Even an up-and-comer like Nick Saban is now headed down that road, flanked by Mike Mularkey and Dom Capers.

I agree, the Raiders need Ken Whisenhunt. But not as head coach. Great coordinators should coordinate. Period.

DATELINE: The future. My first choice for head coach of the Raiders would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sports guy. Great leader. Can affect change without thoroughly grasping the x's and o's.

Would you jump offside if Arnold were your coach?

Unfortunately, California's governor is busy the next two years, so I've got to go with my second choice. But my job description remains the same.

My recommendation for head coach of the Raiders is Rick Barry.

I knew you'd laugh, but give it a minute to sink in ...

-He gets along with Al Davis — and even more importantly, there's a mutual respect. My only regret is Bill King isn't around to help sell Mr. Davis on it.

-He has head coaching experience, understands coach-player communication and is a disciplinarian, which is what the Raiders need most. My-way-or-the-highway doesn't work in a players' game like basketball, but Barry's style suits football perfectly.

-He never played in the NFL, but that hasn't hindered Belichick, who was captain of the lacrosse team in college. The Raiders don't need someone to explain cover 2. They have assistant coaches for that. They need someone to set a tone, to motivate, to get players to practice hard, to create a framework in which young talent can develop ... to let the coaches coach. You don't need a football letterman's jacket to do that.

Think about it ... if you were coach of the Raiders, what would you do? I'll tell you what I'd do: I'd concentrate my efforts on getting the team to play smart football.

Nobody would listen to me. Or you. But I believe Barry would command their attention. This man knows sports, is a Hall of Famer and has been a longtime professional communicator.

Plus — and let's not understate this — Al Davis would have his back.

It would be a bold choice, but Mr. Davis has to do something to put the Raiders back on the map and get his photo returned to its rightful place — alongside the word "genius" in the Who's Who of Sports world almanac.

Hiring Ken Whisenhunt won't do that.
Um....NO! I wish writers would stop making jokes and give us some truth.
JC said:
Um....NO! I wish writers would stop making jokes and give us some truth.
Don't shoot the messenger!! :eek:
JC said:
I am not mad at you, just mad at dumbass media people.
I totally understand that one....I think 99.9% of them are idiots ;)
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