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Feb 2, 2006
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By Steve Corkran
Contra Costa Times

PERSONNEL ANALYSIS: Veteran Barry Sims at first balked at coach Art Shell's decision to move Robert Gallery from right offensive tackle to left offensive tackle and Sims to left guard. Sims still feels as if he is talented enough to be a starting left tackle in the NFL, but he has put that aside for now and focused his energies on learning a position he has played only sparingly in his NFL career. This bodes well for a Raiders team that has had difficulty getting consistent play from its guards since their Super Bowl season four years ago. Sims is a tireless worker who has the versatility and intelligence to grasp anything thrown his way. So the line should be stronger at left guard this season and, the Raiders hope, also at left tackle, where Gallery is getting his first crack at the position he played in college after spending his first two NFL seasons at right tackle. Credit Shell and Sims for turning a potential divisive situation into a seamless one.

SCOUTING REPORT: Tyler Brayton is back at defensive end after spending the past two seasons at outside linebacker and other roles that didn't harness his talents. His best pro season came when he played end his rookie year. His speed, strength and relentlessness made him a valuable player, though he failed to record many sacks. However, with Bobby Hamilton on the downside of his career and Brayton a man without a position, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has moved Brayton back to end, where Brayton is expected to start opposite Derrick Burgess. Brayton wasn't in favor of moving away from the defensive line. Now, he figures to be re-energized by his return, and the Raiders figure to be the beneficiary of more production from a player the Raiders drafted in the first round in 2003. Brayton still needs to develop a reliable go-to move but that's something that defensive line coach Keith Millard has been working on and likely will add to Brayton's repertoire.

INSIDE DISH: Shell is cognizant of the lack of respect some players showed predecessors Bill Callahan and Norv Turner. He has made it clear that such behavior won't be tolerated under his guidance and that everyone needs to conform to his rules. To that end, he has called out a few players and showed them that he means business and that they won't be around if they threaten team unity or undermine his authority.

GUARDS/CENTERS ANALYSIS: C-plus. Barry Sims is converting from left tackle to left guard. C Jake Grove still hasn't reached his potential. RG Brad Badger is a solid player.
Some information on McQuistan...

Raiders safety Jarrod Cooper, who admittedly has been known to exaggerate to illustrate a point, said, "Just because we don't have pads on doesn't mean too much. People are still getting bruised and bumped. The only thing you're not doing is hitting each other in the head."

-Other Raiders news — third-round draft pick Paul McQuistan has moved from left tackle to right guard and has been getting some work with the first-team offense.

There are those in the organization who see him as a cross between Steve Wisniewski and Kevin Gogan as a mix-it-up guard with a nasty streak.

That could mean three rookies in the starting lineup, because top pick Michael Huff and second-round choice Thomas Howard are being prepared as Week 1 starters.
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