All-Time Raiders Tournament


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Jan 22, 2006
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In a much anticipated event, the Oakland Raiders will soon unite in Napa Valley, CA. There, Oakland's management will set out to formulate the strongest roster possible heading into the 2006 season.

Before we look ahead to the future roster, however, let's take a look at eight of the Raiders' greatest all-time rosters. In a playoff bracket system, eight historical teams will battle it out to prevail as the franchise's most overriding team.

Using the comprehensive simulation tool brought to you by, the following eight teams will look to be the last team standing:

1. 1976: 13-1, Won Super Bowl
2. 1983: 12-4, Won Super Bowl
3. 1980: 11-5, Won Super Bowl
4. 1967: 13-1, Lost Super Bowl
5. 2002: 11-5, Lost Super Bowl
6. 2000: 12-4, Lost Conference Championship
7. 1990: 10-6, Lost Conference Championship
8. 1993: 10-6, Lost Divisional Playoffs

Round one:

• 1993 Los Angeles Raiders (8) vs. 1976 Oakland Raiders (1)

A strong second quarter wasn't enough for Jeff Hostetler and his '94 Raiders team. With a fourth quarter pass from Ken Stabler to Cliff Branch, the No. 1 ranked team took a 21-17 lead in the fourth quarter, never looking back. "The Snake" would finish with 16 completions on 25 attempts for 194 yards, one touchdown, and an interception. On the other side of the ball, Hostetler would post 248 yards passing, along with a single touchdown. Together, the duo of Raiders' gunslingers posted respectable numbers; however, in the end, the 1976 Raiders' defense controlled the game. Hostetler would attempt to take his team down for three fourth quarter comebacks, eventually halted in each. Among the '76 Raiders top defenders were Ted Hendricks, Jack Tatum, Monte Johnson, and Willie Brown, who would finish the game for a combined 28 tackles and two sacks.

Final result: 1993 Los Angeles Raiders 17, 1976 Oakland Raiders 21

• 1990 Los Angeles Raiders (7) vs. 1983 Los Angeles Raiders (2)

In this L.A. matchup, Marcus Allen would carry the ball 29 times for 70 yards--for both teams. In the end, however, Jim Plunkett would prove to be too much for the '90 defense, throwing for 269 yards and two touchdowns. On the receiving end, Todd Christensen would steal the spotlight, catching seven balls for 124 yards and a first quarter touchdown. On the opposing side, third-year wideout Tim Brown would amass 42 receiving yards from quarterback Jay Schroeder, with Willie Gault leading the category with 62. Despite holding the game's leading rusher, Bo Jackson--who would run for 83 yards and a touchdown--Howie Long, Greg Townsend, and Rod Martin would prove to be too much to handle for the 1990 Raiders' offense.

Final result: 1990 Los Angeles Raiders 10, 1983 Los Angeles Raiders 17

• 2000 Oakland Raiders (6) vs. 1980 Oakland Raiders (3)

On the ground, the two-back attack of the 2000 Raiders roster would prevail. Tyrone Wheatley and Napoleon Kaufman would combine for 28 rushes for 146 yards and a touchdown. Through the air, Gannon's three-interception game wasn't enough to push the 1980 team through the doors victory. In the quarterback matchup, Jim Plunkett would take the crown from Gannon, completing 16 of 28 passes for 211 yards and a pair of touchdowns, while Gannon would throw for 239 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. A pair of touchdown grabs by tight end Rickey Dudley and a 110-yard receiving game for wideout Tim Brown would combine for a 21-point fourth quarter for the 2000 team, moving them on to the second round.

Final result: 2000 Oakland Raiders 28, 1980 Oakland Raiders 14

• 2002 Oakland Raiders (5) vs. 1967 Oakland Raiders (4)

A lopsided ground attack would result in a lopsided outcome. Charlie Garner would lead the '02 Silver and Black with just 29 rushing yards on 13 attempts, while '67 Clem Daniels would turn 20 handoffs into 133 yards and two touchdowns. At the quarterback position, Rich Gannon would throw for 229 yards, a touchdown, and an interception; Daryle Lamonica, in his first year with Oakland, would post a strong game, completing 18 passes for 232 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Despite a 12-tackle effort by linebacker Bill Romanowski, the one-two punch of Clem Daniels and wideout Fred Biletnikoff would prove too fierce for the 2002 Oakland Raiders ' defensive unit.

Final result: 2002 Oakland Raiders 17, 1967 Oakland Raiders 33

Round two

• 1967 Oakland Raiders (4) vs. 1976 Oakland Raiders (1)

In the first game of the second round, two 13-1 ballclubs meet. The first-ranked 1976 team finished their season with a Super Bowl victory, while the 1967 team fell to Green Bay in the big game. This time around, however, the 1967 defense would come out on top. In spite of just a 165-yard passing game by Daryle Lamonica, a first quarter Fred Biletnikoff touchdown reception and fourth quarter Hewritt Dixon scamper would be enough to take home the prize. Ken Stabler of the '76 team would struggle for four quarters, completing less than half of his passes for 242 yards and an interception. In the end, the Willie Brown-led defense of '67 would control the game, holding the offense led by Stabler, Mark Van Eeghen, and Cliff Branch to just 296 total yards.

Final result: 1967 Oakland Raiders 14, 1976 Oakland Raiders 6

• 2000 Oakland Raiders (6) vs. 1983 Los Angeles Raiders (2)

A battle of two 12-4 teams, the matchup separated by 17 years would come down to just five points. Despite a historically potent pass attack for the 2000 Silver and Black, it was the ground game that generated points. Tyrone Wheatley, Napoleon Kaufman, Randy Jordan, and Rich Gannon would combine for 237 yards and four touchdowns on the ground, proving to be unstoppable. On the opposing offense, Marcus Allen would do his best to keep pace, posting 108 rushing yards and a touchdown. Through the air, Plunkett would get the best of Gannon, putting up 232 yards and a pair of touchdowns. However, the '83 defensive front led by Howie Long (two sacks) would fail to contain the 2000 ground attack, sending the recent Raiders' roster to the championship.

Final result: 2000 Oakland Raiders 28, 1983 Oakland Raiders 23


• 1967 Oakland Raiders (4) vs. 2000 Oakland Raiders (6)

Carried by a strong defense and consistent rushing attack, the 1967 Oakland Raiders would prove too stern for the offensive attack of 2000. Fronted by leading tacklers Howie Williams, Dave Grayson, and Ben Davidson, the '67 unit would hold Tyrone Wheatley and Napoleon Kaufman to just 31 yards on the ground. Meanwhile, a quartet of sacks by Davidson, Gus Otto, Dan Conners, and Dan Birdwell would fluster Gannon throughout much of the game, finishing with no passing touchdowns. Daryle Lamonica, on the other hand, would throw for 255 yards and two touchdowns, with Billy Cannon and Fred Biletnikoff becoming has main targets throughout the course of the game. With Clem Daniels and Hewritt Dixon chipping in equally on the ground, the 13-1 roster of the 1967 Oakland Raiders would run easily through their 2000 opponent.

Final result: 1967 Oakland Raiders 24, 2000 Oakland Raiders 3

Champion: 1967 Oakland Raiders
Tournament MVPs: Clem Daniels, Daryle Lamonica

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