Al Davis interviews al saunders

I think Saunders was a finalist when Davis decided on Bill Callahan. Ugh.

I hear that Ron Rivera and Pat Hill are also on the interview list at some point in time. Davis will drive us nuts dragging this out until mid February. I just hope we can choose the guy we really want this time. Get the lead out Al and let';s get this thing going. Although I don't think we can interview Rivera until after the Bears are done.

What about Mike Singletary as HC? thoughts?
The only thiing I like about Singletary right now is his attitude. He is a disciplinarian. But that's not Al's kind of coach, so he'll never get a shot.
Al Saunders will be alot better choice than norv imo. look what he has done with the chiefs offense.

Mike singletary name has been mention but like rupert says, he doesn't have a shot.
I'm not so sure that Singletary doesn't have a shot. He's a former player so I think he'll relate well with today's player. Al loves players who have had success and since Singletary is a HOF'er, he'll demand his players' respect. IMO, his only drawback (through Al's eyes) is that he's a defensive coach. Since he's a minority, he'll have plenty of teams knocking on his door to meet the Rooney rule requirements. If we're one of the last team's to interview him, he will probably have his interview skills polished enough that he may knock Al's socks off.
another interview

Raiders | Team meets with Lofton
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 15:34:13 -0800

Updating previous reports, the Associated Press reports the Oakland Raiders met with San Diego Chargers wide receivers coach James Lofton for their vacant head coaching position Thursday, Jan. 12.

I sure hope al goes after pat hill if he not gonna hire al saunders
I like Singletary, but I don't think Al would go after him. I still believe that Al gets Saunders. Think about it, Saunders would love to get back at the Chiefs for not giving him the head coaching job so he would be able to play them twice a year, he also knows the AFC west pretty damn good, he is a good offensive mind, he has worked with Holmes, L Johnson, Gonzales, Bruce, Holt and others. That seems like a coach Al Davis would go after.
Bobby Petrino is also out...

My favorite part of the article was this:
However, a Raiders official told the Contra Costa Times that he couldn't confirm whether Petrino was at the team's offices on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Who ever this official was, he better watch his step! Al doesn't like breaches in the security.
Linehan is out. He's going to the Rams, according to Pastabelly.
Apparently, they just need to announce Al Saunders or are waiting for Whisenhunt or Grimm I guess. Really don't know where else they are going to go at this point.

A WR as a head coach, I don't see it. Something about WR's doesn't promote team play, I think they have always been divas in some way.
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